Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mediterania Gardens Jakarta

Had quite a weekend of excitement really what with getting a new SIM and the fun at the local Gym. The weekend is never quite long enough and always too short, however this weekend seemed just to contain news, mostly annoying or not good.
After the Gym farce we got back to the apartment to find a letter addressed to the occupier of the apartment informing us that should certain monies not be paid to the management of the apartments by Tuesday 3pm they would immediately cut the water and electric to the apartment and then charge 1.4 million rupiah to re-connect. They like this threat as this is the second time they have used it. The first one was to inform the residents not to leave trash outside their apartments but to put it in the refuse room. I kinda agree on the principal but to put that into practice is simply hmmm unmanageable and quite difficult to do.
Anyhow, as I am only the tennent not the owner the financial costs do not affect me but the disconnection does. My landlady was informed and she promised faithfully to sort it before Tuesday.
The monies are not important except the most curious sinking supplement, which suggests the place is sinking and the management must have a way of jacking the place back up although I cant see how.
Anyhow, on Sunday I needed to go to the bank and fancied a ride around in the heat for an hour or so as I was bored. I went to the bike park and to my bike only to discover that my helmet, which was securely fastened to my bike had vanished, some of the strap remained but the helmet itself had gone. My bike was next to the exit booth which is manned 24hours a day. I am also the only expat who rides a bike in the whole complex, at least I assume I am as I have yet to see another riding here and I have been here since 2009.So security know my bike and my helmet as they see me everyday, yet it had gone.
I went to the security office and complained, the guy looked mortified and started shouting orders but at the end of the day there is nothing they can do.
So off I traipsed to Citraland to buy a new one. Of course the only optios for me in the mall was the 350,000 rupiah  top of the range helmets in crap colours and choice of 1. So 2 mins later, I am the proud owner of a NHK full face, 1.5kg helmet that is now attached to me when ever I am not wearing it.
Funny thing is, this is my first full face helmet and my vision is sllightly reduced and I am concious of less visibility around me, I guess that will change in time, but it is making my riding slower and more cautious which is good and I have not swallowed any flies, dust or shit this week so far and that must be great news.
So now with neck ache as the helmet is so damm heavy, its Tuesday. At 2pm I am told that my landlady has yet to pay the money owed and in 60 minutes I would be without the utilities in my apartment.
Copious phone calls and SMS's later and with 15 minutes to spare, I get told that it is sorted out, well for now at least.
I am sure there is a warning in all what I have written about the final parts of the weekend but at the end of the day, this is what makes life so special. Hah!
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