Friday, 26 June 2015

Car Free Sunday

For the last few weeks I have been waking up early on a Sunday to walk about the car free streets of Jakarta. Why? Mainly because it gets me out of the house, also it lets Jeremy have a good walk and see something different and also Yovita can go running, so everyone is happy.

Walking about in Car Free day

Car free day is the same as it as been in the city for a few years now. Most of Jl.Sudirman or Sudirman street is closed to all traffic except the Transjakarta buses and is open to people only between 6 and 11 every Sunday morning, unless the government deems otherwise. In the busier parts of the long road there are lots of things to see and lots of things going on, elsewhere its just an empty street.
Sudirman is the main road from the south to the center of the city (assuming the Monas is the center) and through the week choked full of cars and buses and motorbikes which now that the MRT is being built under it as well, it has lost a lot of road space to the construction sites making it even more hard work to travel down.

Bus in Car Free streets

We normally start at the big roundabout outside Grand Indonesia mall and Yovita runs off and I walk about with Jeremy ignoring the stares and weirdos and the nonsense around me and then we end up in McDonalds for Coffee and breakfast before walking all the way down the road to Semanggi, which is about 3km.

The hoardes

Last week we went to the Monas first so that Jeremy could run about on the grass and look at the kites and then from there, breakfast at McDonalds, 2 km away. Jeremy walks or runs a lot of the way as he is very excited to be able to do this. The buses and police vehicles and construction machinery keeps him busy and he seems happy enough.

The Monas

Jeremy exploring

Because its fasting season, the car free day was not very busy at all with very few people wandering and of course no one selling food or drinks as all the muslims are fasting so the walk was even more peaceful. I hope its like that again this week.

Car Free day Ramadan Style

The other good thing about the early start is that by 9 - 9.30am we have finished and are off for the grocery shop before the supermarkets fill up  which is very good. The sun is also not at its hottest and while its not exactly cold, walking in slightly cooler weather is so much nicer.

Having a human alarm clock (Jeremy) that wakes me up and then gets me up by 6am every morning, making some good of my time on a Sunday is quite pro active and energetic for me and may be in a few more weeks I will say I actually like it. 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

New Photo Blog

I have set up a new photo blog which will be updated everytime I either post to Instagram or through my phone.

This way you can see more of my photos as I take them in around Jakarta. They may have some details, they may not. It will depend.

You probably wont be able to save them as the right click button is disabled for now.

So here is the link  which is very imaginative and it is currently called 'my photo blog' which if you search for on Google will eventually show up.

There so please feel free to take a look. Photos will be added very often.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Bricked Nexus 5

The best phone I have had since the good old Nokia days finally gave up the ghost on Thursday last week and decided to no longer work or load.

My Nexus 5 which I have had for November and complained about at 2 times since decided recently to keep crashing and stopping. Extensive research through the internet led me to believe that the problem behind this was the Update to Android Lollipop 5.1.1 which was behind it and so I let it go.
Then to my horror and displeasure on Thursday it crashed, went to reboot and never started up again.

So more frantic searching led me to this:

Nexus Help Forum

This was very helpful and gave lots of helps and simple instruction but then after following them I had this:

Which would sugges the phone was 'bricked' and therefore rendered useless leading me back to my Tab and my emergency lenovo cheap and cheerful phone until I could fix it.

I tweeted my news and had help from Nexus support but sadly they were really unable to help but it felt reassuiring.

So, on Monday having the day already booked off I took my phone to the LG service centre in Jakarta which happily is not far from my house in the hope it would be sent away and repaired.

To my surprise, the service center staff spoke English. Took my phone and started to fix it in front of me and then told me that it needed a new ROM as the current one had failed and that they had one in stock. It would take them 10 minutes to replace and so I waited and eventually I was called back to the counter where I was given my Nexus 5 back in complete working order and all parts and labour were covered under its warranty. I was and am still more than pleased. It was a good job from LG and probably means that the 5.1.1 upgrade was not too blame. 

3 hours later, all the apps and settings were back on and the phone now is as good as new and whilst I have not upgraded to 5.1.1 yet I will do in the near future so I can upgrade to Android M whenever that is due.


Some links

LG service centre

Forum help and advice