Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Yamaha Jupiter MX new

Suddenly and out of the blue I am between bikes. After a long conversation with Yovita about the house and rent and things I mentioned I would like a new bike to which she agreed would be a good idea.
We toyed with the idea and financing a new Yamaha Vixion or Bison and with days from sealing the deal I had a change of heart.
Stuck in traffic as I often am I started thinking how I would cope with a bigger faster and heavier bike than what I have now and so decided no I did not want a more powerful and bigger one. Also I considered using it for  short journeys and that sort of bike would not be practical.

So back to the drawing board and then Yovita's brother came to the house with a price list of Yamaha bikes and after a good look through I settled for another but shiny new Jupiter MX, this time a clutch bike.
The bigger plan was to sell mine direct to the dealer and then finance 2 bikes. The MX and a moped like a Mio so that we had one bike for work and the other for poodling and running around on. However what with one thing and another 2 became 1 and by the day before Good Friday we had agreed to sell my bike for 6 million and get the MX.

Good bye old MX
Good Friday morning my brother in law came to the house and took my bike to someone and came  back with money and more than 6 million so we were all happy. Then we went to the dealer and signed on the dotted line for the new bike and went home.
Because I just sold my bike I rented my brother in laws second bike a Mio J Teen until the plates for the MX are ready.

My Rented Mio 
So now I am riding about town on a 113cc moped which whilst nippy is not exactly what I saw myself riding but it is ok for a short time.
Friday afternoon the credit man came to the house and Yovita signed a finance agreement.  I can own a bike here in my name but its complicated so it will be in my wife's name. I just pay for it. The bike is 17 million and the monthly cost is less than a million so that's good. The first payment is in May and hopefully I will be riding it before then, should  the registration plates arrive in time.
I collected the bike Saturday and had to ride it home. With every new bike you get a helmet and a jacket.  Neither suits me. The helmet is too small as is the jacket. The jacket is tacky and bright blue. So we will give it to someone who will use it.

From this

To this
Luckily for me I have used a clutch bike before but it did not stop me from stalling it 3 times in the 800 meters to my house. Sunday I took it to the Shell station for fuel stalling it once. In time I hope not stall it at all.
Over the weekend I will take it out and about soon but away from the main roads but locally to get used to the gears.

Shiny New
My new MX is red and black and has disc brakes front and back and a bigger back wheel than the front.  It is a 135cc again but has a bigger fuel tank and the lights are automatically switched on which is nice. Other than that it looks and feels the same as my old MX which means I am more relaxed riding it.
When I have the plates I wilk write more but for now I will just 'put put put' about on the Mio.

Friday, 18 April 2014

The housekeeper that nearly was

So for the past few weeks we have had no house keeper due to the last one going home for a wedding ( probably hers ) and never returning which has caused stress and frustration in our happy household.

So to hear the news that we had a replacement coming came as something positive. But the thing about good news here is that there is often a twist or a sting in the tail and this ones sting was the cost of getting her to Jakarta from Lampung on the island of Sumatra. Still spending 650k seemed wothwhile.

Rya was 19, married with a 4 year old boy from somewhere around 4 hours journey to the main crossing in Sumatra and had never been out of her villqge before.

Now I wrote all that in past tense because she went home tonight saying she missed her son too much. She stayed here 2 nights. We had hardly anytime to teach her what was needed or start to know her.

Our money has been refunded and we are still no closer to finding someone to be our housekeeper and carer of Jeremy but I am closer to understanding how little people know about how or what life is like in the middle of nowhere in Indonesia and there is a lot of that here.

My senior teacher told me or rather explained that there is an opinion that we should do more to help those in poverty in remote places but actually they are probably more happy than those with everything because they lead a most simple life. Rya was not forced to come rather she agreed to but I guess the distance and modern chaotic lifestyle of Jakarta and the fact she swapped her boy for ours to care for made her realise she should be at home.

Still as annoying as anything though and we still need a housekeeper.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Changes to procedures British Embassy Jakarta

There has been some changes to the ways things are being done at the Embassy in Jakarta for British Passport holders.

You should click this link and follow the advice there

My advice is to click the link and also contact the Embassy direct.

I have taken this straight from their website, lets hope they don't mind

"Appointments in Jakarta can be made on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 0830-1200.

Appointments in Bali can be made Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 0830-1200.
We recommend that you schedule your appointment 1 week prior your intended visit.
To avoid wasted travel, please confirm with us directly the purpose of the service you wish to obtain. Incomplete applications will be refused and you will be asked to set another appointment online."

The address for the British Embassy Jakarta is:

"British Embassy Jakarta Consular Section, British Embassy Building, Ground Floor, British Embassy Jakarta 12950 Jakarta, Indonesia Tel: +62 (21) 2356 5200 Fax: +62(21)3160858"

The consulate office has gone.

For Bali:

Well I clicked the link, there seems to be no information it just redirects you to the main page. 

The new website looks great and very simple to follow.

When I get to use it I will let you know.