Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A few weeks

Its been a while that I have posted anything. The reason is that I have as usual been busy with work or with Jeremy and so not much has really been happening.

Its August now and there has been no rain for a few weeks and this is causing problems with the houses plumbing for some reason because the pipes are filling up with green algae stuff quicker than before and so that means currently I have 4 taps, 1 shower and 1 toilet out of action in the house and we are waiting for the landlady to send a man round to fix them. The AC also seems to be less energetic again so I guess that means it needs cleaning as the filters will be full of dust. That is something I could do if I could reach the thing but its so high up I would need a ladder, and that is something I don't have. What I do have is a magic stick which allows me to change light bulbs which are high up with the need of a ladder. Its awesome.

Recently, We had a new teacher arrive which was nice and she arrived in the middle of the night. The flight was supposed to land at 10pm but due to reasons at Dubai she landed at 12.40am. I went to meet her, after going home and it took less than 40 minutes to drive through the city at 11.30pm as there was no traffic to be seen and it was good because I had forgotten how lit up the place is after dark.

Outside the airport was not busy, inside was

The Airport itself was still fairly busy with those waiting for the delayed flight or flights lying on the floor or outside sleeping, that or they were homeless. Happily the teacher arrived and by 2am we had got her to her place to sleep and by 2.30am (seriously) I was home.  So fast we went.

Last week I was again fortunate enough to stay the Mulia hotel in the city and enjoy the 5 luxury it offers. The AC was too cold but again it was great and Jeremy certainly enjoyed his bath time as the bath was big enough for him to swim in. Having a corner room, allowed us to see the city and being on the 35th floor the view was as ever amazing.

Some Views

Then it was Indonesia's Independence day on Monday. A national holiday so no need to work. The locals played games for around 7 hours outside. I never took photos. I was asleep for some of it and during a break in the events Yovita and I snuck out of the area for food. However coming back into our neighbourhood was a lot harder. 8 possible ways in were blocked by the amount of games being played everywhere and so we had to park the bike away from the house and walk back. Everything stopped at the call to prayer at 5.50 and by 6.10pm everything was gone, the street washed down and the people back home. They all clearly had a great day.

Jeremy seemed not to be bothered by the noise and commotion rather he wanted to play and watch YouTube videos all day long. He is big now and weighs 16.5 kg. He eats everything and has the beginnings of a great grasp of English and hopefully Indonesian. He can sing songs, knows the actions to Wheels on the Bus, can name colours, vehicles, animals, some shapes,  some numbers and people by name so its all fun at our house. Oh and he can run fast and far without falling over (too much) and has developed a laugh and has learnt to laugh at Donald Duck cartoons, again something fantastic to watch.