Sunday, 25 September 2011

Taxis in Jakarta

Some information about Taxis in Jakarta, some rules and some things to know.

So here is a list



Indah Family
Indo Taxis
Taxi Cab
Royal City

Silver Bird
White Horse

And I am sure some that I have forgotten or look so dangerous I have not mentioned them. But those are pretty much the bulk of the taxi companies in the city.

I have also broken the list into segments to help you understand how I have rated them. The top list is contains all the taxis I take on a frequent basis.
The next list is some I will take if there are none from the top list. The next lot well, I would rather walk. That leaves Silver Bird etc which are premium taxis and the ones we all would like if we could afford it.

Bluebird - blue taxis with a white sign on the car roof., costs the most as higher fees, start at 6,000 rupiah. In my experience, some drivers like to go slow, take longer routes and try to rip you off however on the whole the drivers are polite and the cars are well looked after. The drivers never fall asleep which is nice. Most Indonesians prefer this taxi. If you are new it is your best bet.
Bluebird also has fleet called Pusaka Lintas which are fine as well.

Becareful when hailing a blue taxi as there are many others that copy the colour and sign which makes life more interesting and they will rip you off.

All other taxis carry a sticker saying 'Tarif Lama' which means the old price. This starts at 5,000 rupiah and goes up in 180 amounts.

Express - White with a yellow sign. Friendly knowledgeable drivers. Drive quickly. Most drivers are trust worthy.

Gamya - Green Nissans with white roof signs, I say this as nearly every other taxi in this list is a Toyota Limo. Pretty decent drivers, seem to know their way around. Cars are clean. Some drivers are sleepy.

Putra - Old Blue Protons with yellow roof signs. There are new cars. Drivers are honest and know their way around. The meter is normally on the floor so it is not easy to see what the price is. But they are reliable.

TransCab - Orange Protons with Yellow Roof sign. TV monitors on the headrests. Drivers polite and cheerful. Never had a problem with Transcab

TaxiKu - Yellow with white signs. Will pay the tolls to the airport for you. Not my favourite as the last couple of times I have taken one of these the driver got lost, was rude, fell asleep or was chatting on his phone. But if you have to, they are ok.


Koperasi -currently upgrading from green and orange protons which are about 50 years old to white Limos. I dont mind them. The drivers often are very sleepy as they work all the time but I have never been ripped off by them. In an emergency no worries.

Dian - Great fun in old white Toyotas with Diane signs on the roof and a blue stripe along the side. Often the AC does not work but the drivers seem happy. Never had a bad experience well not many. Again in an emergency....

Below. As I rule I would not take these as they do not appear to be that big companies and the stories from others have not been supportive of them therefore in my mind that means danger and huge cost.

Indah Family - Might still be blue if still about. Were ok. Don't know now.
Diamond - have a licence to run from T3 at the airport. Would rather walk
Borburdor - No
Indo Taxis - No
Sepakat - No
Taxi Cab - Never taken perhaps never will
Mersindo - very few about
Royal City - Light blue, never taken
PrimaJasa - Same as the bus company. Used once, ok but there are not a lot them about so not too sure.

If you have money

Silver Bird
White Horse

All are luxury cabs and come with premium prices.

Silver Bird use black Mercedes or Toyotas The bigger hotels have them hanging around.

Tiara are from Express and use Alphas. So a big van with windows. There a few always at Plaza Semanggi.

White Horse. New to me, I think using big black Hyudais'. That is all I can say about them.

Some rules.

Becareful when you flag them down as from a distance they all look the same as a rule (remember most are white or blue toyotas)
Insist the driver locks the doors.
Insist the meter is on
Sit in the back behind the front passenger seat as it allows you to see what is going on.
Be aware of where you are and where you need to go. Look lost and frightened and be prepared to go on a long trip.
If you cant pronounce the name of where you need to go, don't expect to get there quickly.
Understand the driver may not know where he is or where to go as the city is big and if it is to a new mall or area the driver may not know it.
For Tolls have money ready. The driver will pay and then either keep the change for another toll booth or give it back.
If you only carry 100,000 notes don't expect the driver to be able to break them. Tolls are good for that. Always carry low denomination notes so it will be easier than asking for change as sometimes drivers dont have any.
If the driver is fasting or it is either first thing in the morning or late at night, keep an eye on him as he might fall asleep.
If you fall asleep you might find you be paying more.
If you are stuck in a taxi when the rains have flooded. Either get out and get wet or take the risk of paying an awful lot.
If you need to book a taxi, Blue bird are the easiest to arrange and the most reliable.
From the airport you have to pay the tolls, a surcharge and then the normal fair. Make sure the ride is on the meter. For me from the airport to Central Park it is 11,000 extra so it costs about 80,000.
It is hard to give costs from here to there as it will depend on the route, the driver, the car, the weather, the traffic and so sometimes it is cheaper or more expensive. However for a 30 minute ride expect to pay a minimum of 40,000 average.
Drivers dont like short trips and so may refuse to take you or set a price.

Over the years I have been here. I consider nearly all taxis I have taken have been safe and reliable. Apart from one driver crashing when he fell asleep and having to change the wheel with him or the odd occasion getting lost I have found the taxis here no bother. With everything in life just becareful.

Life in Jakarta

I have spent a few days pondering this blog as I was not sure and still am not entirely sure what to write but there is a need for me to write out some of things stored in my head. The blog to some could be the same as the Pensieve, which Dumbledore used in the Harry Potter stories, using it to store memories to allow the mind to fill up with new ones. 

My blog has just passed its 2nd birthday and is moving into its third year and so most of the pondering I did was really to understand how to write and celebrate that fact, however as I am still writing on an almost weekly basis I saw no real reason to celebrate that much. My blog has been for me a huge and welcome distraction and it is now almost a hobby where I can bask in my time out in Indonesia, not that it is drawing to a close but things are changing for me in quite some big ways in the next year or so and that means more learning experiences and challenges. Happily not all is changing and that I can feel at peace with but I have a feeling that the coming 'blog year' will be huge.

I don't think my style has changed too much although I am partial to adding photos now to illustrate my point or help visualise my experiences and thoughts over time. I also feel that I am more settled and understanding of some things that happen in Indonesia and perhaps can even can rationalise them to help me explain and survive them. 

The traffic here always worries me but I am not now surprised when all I see it a sea of traffic. The dirty rivers, the ramshackle housing, the lack of concern for safety, the happy smiles, the spirit, the sense of community is all around me but yet I am still a stranger and onlooker when it comes to actually being here. An expat is just that, someone who is not in their homeland but in someone else's homeland and trying to live a near as possible normal life. 

This time last year I was planning a trip to England to see my friends, my family and it was a terribly exciting time for me and when I got home it was the best and a relief to be there, yet I still wanted to return here as, well, Jakarta is exciting. Hot. Smelly, Next to near perfect beaches and paradise islands. I felt my life was here as I still do. England was great and getting back I did feel both belonging and also being a stranger. So much had changed or moved on, redeveloped and so much had not grown or moved. Both were comforting but also slightly depressing as I missed so many things. Family weddings, Friends weddings, My parents etc. 
This year I am not planning a trip to England but Christmas is nearly all sorted out, New Year is almost sorted out and my next year is again almost sorted out. The use of almost should not be underestimated as often for me, almost is good as it gets for planning things and trying make things happen out here. Almost is as good as saying yes but without the certainty. 

I seem to spend a lot of time thinking and considering how to improve what it is that I write and perhaps make it have more direction or a more focus topic base but then I think what use would that be when the sole purpose of writing is a chance to record my life in Jakarta and therefore everything and every time I write it does just that. Sure, there are times when no matter how you look at what I do, living here is humdrum.  Work, food, sleep, work, food, sleep etc. Visiting the same places, seeing the same things but no matter where someone lives, unless he or she is not tied to one place of work doing the same day in  day out then routines must come about. I still wont really write about my work that I do as I feel it would damage or create a different set of readings for those that read them and by writing about my place of work and therefore my employer it would be against some of my beliefs. Noting down things I have done, reactions and concerns can be considered as negative and that might work against me, so that's why I don't write about work in any detail. It is however safe to say, working here and doing what I do is one of the major reasons that keeps me in Indonesia and in Jakarta. 

Recently I have not really had the opportunity to visit or travel due to being very busy and working 6 days a week. I am still running around the city and visiting different places and restaurants. Taking random trips off on the bike into Tebet or other areas of the city. I possibly share some of those places more on Four Square or Twitter as they seem to be my preferred 'social networks' if I had to choose. I still view and use Facebook but not as much as I used to. I don't find it hold too interesting these days and there is nothing new with it. I do like to know what is happening to friends and family through the world but it has lost its shiny exterior now and it is become rather mundane. The recent set of changes have not really bothered me either as well it is simple enough to understand. Google + as far as I can tell is mute and so few of my friends use it, there is no point in using it either. So twittering random things and checking in everywhere keeps me amused more than most things these days.

I think I will write a blog about taxis.

Have a good day

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Heat in Jakarta

It has been so hot here in Jakarta for the past couple of months making the air drier and dustier, the nights hotter and more uncomfortable and the wish for rain so much stronger. Reservoirs are running low, fields are drying up and there is no clear idea when the rainy season will return.
However there has been some indicators to a change in the weather with 2 showers albeit heavy ones in the evening this week and then last night some serious rain for an hour.
It rained fairly heavily on Thursday night at Puri and into Grogol and so the journey home was slower and more cautious as there were an awful lot of deep puddles.
Riding on Friday and today I have spotted so many new holes and dips in the ground, mainly where there were new cables laid and then the holes filled in, they have all sunk and this is the main riding line for bikes so that will mean waiting longer and riding very carefully. I am hoping that someone in authority has visited many streets to identify where the water does not drain away and get someone to fix that. I suspect that the drains and gullies are blocked by rubbish and dirt and debris and perhaps if we are lucky that will be sorted out.
After seeing and hearing the rain last night, I was instantly brought back to the fact that its going to be hellish getting home at night in the rain and I can only hope it rains through the night or between 11-4 in the day when I am working!!!!
Still the rain has washed some of the dust and dirt of the bike but I am sure it has added more.

The city seems now to be back to normal but the traffic seems to be not quite right as some days there is no traffic and others you cant go anywhere, perhaps it is me as I have been going to work at different times but it does seem weird at the moment.

I have a feeling and I do hope I will be proved wrong that this rainy season will be a big one. When I came here in 2007, one of the first things I was told was that Jakarta has big rainy seasons every 5 years. Which  becomes quite important and relevant. I came here in 2007. There were terrible floods through the city. It will be 5 years next year. 2012 could be another big year for floods. Mind 2008 was not much better!!!!

Happy days.

Friday, 9 September 2011

New York and 9/11

I am sure we all have memories of the 9/11 attacks on New York as it was so widely reported through the world and made the Americans realise that they were like the rest of us, targets for terrorists and that despite its military, economic and financial power it was just as open to attacks as the rest of the world.
Being English, I have been brought up through times in the countries history when terrorists attacked and killed English people. The IRA and the conflicts in Northern Ireland left a legacy of bombings, dead and violence in both England and Northern Ireland. I remember having to clear buildings of customers as my business had received bomb threats and special worded messages which could mean the threat was real. Clearing a building of 1000 people in 10 minutes was no fun and worrying and scary and exciting at the same time. Telling my regional director I had closed my business got a different reaction, but for the safety of the public we did this time and time again. 
Some parts of England were less lucky, Manchester and London both experienced huge terrorist threats and damage and death through the years and many people throughout England can tell stories of how these things impacted on their lives. 
Eventually peace and reconciliation and talks over came these issues and the threat of violence towards the English and the Irish has all but gone.

So when the terrorist attacks took place in New York, the world took a step back full of shock and wondered if the Americans were not safe then who was. 

For me I had been to New York before the event for a holiday and never had the time to go up the twin towers (the world trade center). Had I gone up them, then I could have seen the curve of the earth (on a clear day) and marveled at New York from up high. 
Then in 2001 I had the opportunity to attend a wedding in upstate New York as a school friend was getting married to a New Yorker. It was the best trip. 5 school and drinking friends plus wives or girlfriends spending a week together in New York for a great friends wedding. I still consider it one of the best trips I have been on and I can still remember some it quite clearly!!! 
We were in New York at the start of September and spent our days after the wedding in Brooklyn, taking the subway into the city and either did sightseeing or drinking or both. We also watched an England football match while we were there. It was dismal match but lots of fun. We saw all the sights, Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, watched a show on Broadway. Went to Times Square at night and so on. 
The night before we were all due to fly home to England we went to a huge party and ended up in a complete mess as you do, especially when you are treated as family or distant cousins with all you can eat and drink provided free.
The flight home was a night flight so we had all day in New York and we ended up outside again  the Twin Towers, in Dunkin Doughnuts if I remember rightly. I used an ATM in the building as needed more cash. I have that receipt somewhere. Anyway there we are on a bright and sunny September morning wondering what to do. Led on the floor looking up at the towers thinking what to do. Do we go up and see the view, do we go shopping or do we just go drinking or do we do it all? 
Well, we ended up shopping and then going drinking for the rest of the day. We went to a store call Century 21 which I guess was kind of factory outlet.It was very close to the towers and was destroyed later that week. Eventually we just wandered around and then left and went to a bar and spent the rest of the day there. 
That was on the 7th September 2001. By the 8th we were home and life was going back to normal. Our friend in New York was back working in Wall Street we were back at work and one of my closest friends was heading out to America for a  holiday. 
On the 9th I was back at work and with my colleagues in the warehouse working. We had a radio and it was playing radio one. There was a news broadcast that a plane had hit the twin towers but there was little else said. Then another report about it and the news started to grow. 
Some employees were getting other news mainly from Sky News showing live images as the events happened. My business emptied and people seemed to be at home watching the news as the images were too real, visual and stunning to be ignored. 
By the time I got home it was just reruns and repeats on the news that's all but it remained on all channels for days. 
I could not reach either of my friends who were in America. My friend in New York was OK, covered in dust but otherwise fine. My friend flying to San Franciso was diverted but got there eventually. Everyone I knew was safe and sound. 

From there is recent history, The war in Iraq, The war in Afghanistan, the hunt of Bin Laden and his death. The rebuilding of New York and the increase in security getting into America as a visitor.The attacks have changed many things and the aftermath and effects from it have changed everyone's life in some way.

In 2006 I was travelling through Malaysia on a train and was eating lunch with some Malaysians. They asked me if I was American as they felt the country was a terrible place and they (the Americans) were doing terrible things to the world and making life harder. They admitted to hating Americans. Luckily I could tell them I was English and that cheered them and then when I said Tottenham Hotspurs were a good football team, they paid for my lunch! but that sentiment about Americans followed me through the world as often I was asked my opinions about Americans at that time. I can't quite really remember what I said but I could not agree that I supported president with his decisions but I did support the troops where ever they were fighting and the need to get them home safely and quickly. Not just the Americans but the British and everyone elses. 

At the end of 2006 I took another trip to New York before coming here and again it was just amazing. I have to say if I could I would love to live there. The city is so vibrant, alive and interesting. Ground Zero as it was called then was a big building site. You could take a subway train that ran past it and under it. We had lunch just up from the area and spent time looking at the memorial that was put there and is still there. It was very moving and poignant and there were many many people there paying their respects and wishes. It was sad to see but also good to see how people remembered it. 

Sadly I don't have the photos of my other trips. I wish I did. But these are of the ground zero site January 2007. 

Lets hope this 911 passes peacefully everywhere.


Saturday, 3 September 2011

Days out Jakarta

So you arrive in Jakarta decide you will stay a while and then think where can I go from here using my hotel as a base. Well straight away the choices seem limited but here is a list of places you could get to and back in a day from Jakarta.
West Java is vast and there is a lot of nothing out there to see but looking past that and you will find some treasures I am sure.
So day trips away without a plane or boat will involve all directions except north which is the sea. There are tolls roads to Bandung, Bogor and Merak. A decent rail service to Bogor and Bandung and countless buses everywhere else. Your enemy will be traffic so be prepared for a long ole day.

1. Bandung - Take the early train and head into the Paris of Java. Get into the city and see the sites, shop or rush up to the volcanoes around the city to see sulphur, steam,  mud pools and hot springs.
Museums a plenty and there is plenty to see and it has a good vibe and is pretty laid back. Lots of older colonial buildings still. The traffic is dreadful at times but it is a break out from Jakarta.
2-3 hours by car, 4 hours by train.

2. Bogor. Small city on the verge of being swallowed up by the ever spreading Jakarta. Cooler and expect rain but there is lots to do in the city.
Visit the botanical gardens, see the presidents palace. Wander around the streets looking at vendors selling all sorts. The market outside the railway station is great.
There is a puppet factory in the city and also a gamelan and gong factory to visit.
Some amazing cafes with views of the volcanoes and moutains and city from high up. I recommend the gardens and to find the museum and the old dutch graveyard.
1 hour by train, 1 - 2 hours by car

3. Tamam Safari. Up in the hills (Puncak) around Bogor is Taman Safari. Full of all things animal and worth a visit to see penguins, tigers, orang utans etc. The Zoo is highly involved in conservation and it is a huge place. Once you have driven through the animals then you can get up close and personal with all kinds of things there.

4. Still in Puncak, you can go Para gliding, gliding etc

5. Tea walks in Puncak are popular. Wander about a tea plantation in the early morning air to feel fresh and enjoy the beauty of tea trees before enjoying a cuppa.

6. Rafting. Travel another hour and you can be in Suka Bumi where you can go rafting towards the sea or even off roading. The rafting takes about 3 - 4 hours and it is not that dangerous but it is lovely to watch the world go by.

7. At the end of the day you could ignore all that and get to Pelabuhan Ratu, a coastal town and lovely views of the ocean. Big Waves for surfing and a decent beach is worth seeing. If any time then head off either direction along the coast and enjoy the southern coastal cliffs and ocean.

8. Volcanoes and Mountains are always fun and in West Java there are a fair few. Gede is one which is next to Bogor and you can climb it for the sunrise but you need a guide and it takes 2 days. But you can still find the waterfalls and there is another botanical garden to be explored. It is cooler and fresher. Monkeys and snakes are also worth looking out for.

9.  For a break from the now, you can go and visit the Badui Villages (pay to enter of course) and see some communities who have ignored all technology and modern ways.

10. Moving more west and the hills and mountains remain impressive. Keep heading west and you will hit the coast and the gateway to Sumatra at Merak. Not much going on in Merak but it is a coastal town and full of traffic and chaos and ferries.

11. Little south of Merak and you will come across the coastal resorts of Carita, Labuan and Anyer. All 3 lie on the flat sea and volcanic sands. On a good day you can see Krakatau smoking away in the sea. You can visit it but it is best you get a very early start as it is a few hours into the ocean. And Anyer is at least 3 hours from Jakarta. Beach sports and water sports are available here. You can see the bats at night and visit waterfalls etc up in hills. There is still evidence of the tsunami following the big eruption of Krakatau in the early 19th Century.

12. Depending which way you go to Anyer you will either go past the vast and huge Krakatau steel works and the decay and industry it brings with it or you can take the more scenic and mountains route via the hard to pronounce but well preserved and looked after Rangkasbitung. A small town in the hills. A nice square and very tidy.
Sadly you wont have time to go further south to Ujung Kulon national park as the roads and distance make it too far to travel and you need a few days there at least.

13. Before Merak is a the historically interesting Banten. It used to be the main port of Java and it still has industry and shipping there. There is some old dutch ruins and some tombs of famous moslems to see. Also you can walk out to the bird islands depending on tides and see lots of different sea birds. On the bus its about 2-3 hours.

14. Somewhere a little closer is the area between Banten and West Jakarta. Head off out of the city via Dann Mogot and through Kalideres into Tangerang and then out of there and once you pass the other enterance to the Airport then you are into the country side and lots of fields and flat country to see. The mud flats and salt flats from the Java sea get closer and closer and by just turning right into small roads might take you into small fishing villages. Keep going and the roads become smaller and the people friendlier and the views of the ocean get better.

Now these trips still need organising and thinking through as even a day trip here can be arduous. I have visited most of these places in a day or overnight but all are possible to do if you get up early enough (i.e. leave before 6am) and are prepared for a lot of car time. The train trip to Bandung is stunning as the train winds its way through the mountains. The road trips is not as good but it gets you there quickly.
Buses go fast and once away from the city they dont slow down even though the roads get smaller and maybe less flat.
West Java can be accessed relatively easily and if you decide to stop over for the night then the amount you can get done will double and good times will be had.

In Jakarta you can hire cars and drivers by the day and this is an excellence way to get to these places as the drivers know where to go and how to drive there safely and quickly. Fill a car up with people and the cost per person reduces. Car hire prices vary but lets say 400k for the day for a car plus driver. Fuel, tolls and food for the driver maybe 200k and then a tip could be 50k each person. So with a car carrying 4 people thats 800k or 200k each. And that is not a bad price.

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Friday, 2 September 2011

Things to do in Jakarta

Here is a list of things to do in Jakarta from my perspective. I can't guarantee that you can access all these places all the time or that it might not be wise to do so but the list might help give you some idea of things to do in this great big place of a city.

  1. Visit Monas and its park. You can take an elevator to the top (if you can cope with queuing), take a train ride thing around the park, fly a kite, sit and watch people watching you. If you go first time at dawn you can join in with those trying to keep fit.
  2. Kota Tua, lovely old part of the city which can be explored on foot or on bike and at your leisure. There are museums, cafes to visit. The side streets are fun and easy to get lost in which adds to the fun. So many museums here. All worth a look
  3. Glodok or 'Chinatown', malls and narrow streets and thousands of people selling thousands of things, old buildings great food and tea worth exploring for an afternoon.
  4. Sunda Kelapa. The old harbour just past Kota Tua, lots of old wooden boats and great to watch people load boats and enjoy the feeling of being in a traditional port. If you are brave enough you can take a small boat and get rowed around the harbour.
  5. Old Batavia walls and warehouses. The old dutch castle walls are still in evidence around this old part of the city as are 17th century warehousing. It is all next to the Old Fish market again near Kota Tua
  6. The national museum, a great place to visit and learn something of the history of the city country and its heritage. Lots of things to look at and photograph.
  7. Batavia Marina, again at Sunda Kelapa. Its chilled out and nearly always empty, good food and beer and nice to sit in the afternoons and evening, no mosquitoes, well not many but a fair few flies.
  8. Back streets Setia Budi. Turn left heading down Sudirman and enter a different world. Surrounded by office blocks the back streets will confuse you make you disorientated but worth it to see some real life.
  9. Menteng. Get past Thamrin and Sarinah and head into Menteng. Lots of open roads and big houses and interesting statues. Quiet and quite orderly.
  10. Pasar Baru. Near Gambir and Monas. Huge market and surrounding area.
  11. Istiqlal Mosque. Huge Mosque which can fit hundreds of thousands of people. Visitors of any faith welcome and free guide with no real pressure to pay. Stunning
  12. The Jakarta Cathedral. Opposite Istiqlal Mosque is Jakarta Cathedral. Cant take photos inside, unlike the mosque and the place is locked when not in use but it is still a lovely building
  13. Hotel Borobudur, close to Gambir and the Mosque. Big old hotel but contains a huge scale model of the buddhist temple in central Java. Food is good too
  14. Gambir Railway Station. Take a train into Station Kota and see the sights by train. The station is Lime Green.  Near the station is a lovely old chapel which sadly you cant get into
  15. The Palaces and government buildings at Thamrin, Sarinah. See the presidents palace and huge well built buildings. Worth a look. Don't stay too long or you will get moved on.
  16. Ancol (all). Huge site full of amusements. From Dufan Amusement Park to Swimming with Dolphins, this place has it all. 15,000 per person to get in and then pay for each attraction after.
  17. Transjakarta. The busway system goes all round the city. To see Jakarta why not travel every route for almost nothing. 
  18. Jalan Sudirman. Long road full of statues and fountains. Goes straight through the main business area, often know as the golden triangle.
  19. Blok M mall and Pasar Raya. This is the daylight visit for normal folk. 4th floor Pasar Raya full of tat from all over Indonesia. Huge price tags which are instantly discounted if you go with an Indonesian and send them in first.
  20. Blok M Market. Underground. Hot, crowded unsafe but hugely popular. 
  21. Manga Dua / Ambassador Mall. 2 Malls worthy of a mention as they are full to the brim with independant traders selling everything cheap. Clothing and accessories, carpets, gold, watches you  name it you probably could find in either of these 2 places.
  22. Tanjung Priok Port. You can drive right into the port see the ships unload and appreciate the scale of commerce there. Don't go at night unless you know what you are doing. 
  23. Ragunan Zoo. In the south and can be reached with Transjakarta. Worth a visit. Choose a quiet day so there wont be any more than 30,000 people there. Komodo's, Tigers, Apes and many other amazing animals from Indonesia and the world to stare at.
  24. Taman Mini. Vast tourist park dedicated to all things Indonesian.
  25. Jakarta Skyline. On a less polluted day the skyline is amazing. Seen from different places whilst travelling around, you could easily forget where you were and could think you were in the west.
  26. Go to Pantai Indah Kapuk in the north west of the city not only for a water park but also to visit the managrove er forest. Monkeys, birds and other things to spot and help conserve this amazing natural beauty.
  27. Planetarium. Head to Jalan Cikini Raya and visit the cities planetarium.
  28. Military Museum. Just before Polda Semanggi if you are coming from Tebet is a museum dedicated to all things military in Indonesia.
  29. Tanah Abang. Its huge, its full of buses and people but it is also a huge commercial area for textiles and gold. Probably best to go with some who knows where to go and watch your belongings
  30. Ice Skating Taman Anggrek. Yep a mall with a skating rink.
  31. Senayan Stadium. Huge stadium surrounded by arenas and venues to visit. Check posting times for events and matches. 
  32. Indo Chine FX mall. Top floor and has superb views of the city, as does roof top at Semanggi.
  33. Get to the top of a very tall building. Bluff, con or bribe your way into a very tall building to see Jakarta from up high
  34. Landing at Jakarta Airport. On a clear night, flying into the city is quite nice as the ships, shoreline and city are lit up. During the day see what you can identify such as Monas, the radio masts at Kebon Jeruk, Central Park or on the other side see the thousand islands and huge crab, squid farms.
  35. Cengkareng. Yep seriously. There are some amazing statues there of big breasted women holding durians and if you take the toll way from the airport to Puri Indah check out the buildings and frontages of the new buildings. Impressive if not slightly surreal.
  36. Davinci Building Jl Sudirman. Stands out as impressive and even better inside.
  37. Jl Surabaya. Full of antique stores and pictures and stuff. Wander down and see how much you can bargain/get ripped off by
  38. Golden Mosque in Depok. Don't know anything about this but told it is amazing and its in Depok a way from Central Jakarta but worth seeing
  39. Food Stalls. They are everywhere and anywhere. If unsure go with the masses to the popular ones. Cant go wrong with deep fried anything. Spicy and no name meat. Great
  40. Satay Sarinah. Eat Satay on the streets in Sarinah amongst the hustle and bustle of the street and smoke and pollution. Goat satay lovely.
  41. Book buying. Hard to do  as limited. Jalan Jaksa (near Monas and Thamrin) is good for books and late night drinking and there is a fairly decent bookstore in Pasar Festival Kuningan
  42. Kemang. Trendy, Affluent, bars a plenty full of expats and the rich vogue. Irish Bars, English Food, Curries and 24 hour eateries. 
  43. Kuningan. Big open roads. Expensive hotels and apartments. Embassies. Nice place. Near Ambassador mall.
  44. Sunsets and Sunrises. Often missed but the pollution and haze make them special to watch. Even better if the pollution goes and the moutains can be seen.
  45. Trip in a Bajai. Take a trip in a little noisy, cramped orange 3 wheeled machine. Fix a price and off you go. Film the journey. Quite an adventure
  46. Unseen Jakarta. Take a trip into the poverty sticken areas of the city with a guide. Heartbreaking and depressing to see but the warmth of the people will help you through it. A real eye opener.
  47. Traditional Markets. They are everywhere. Dark, Cramped, Hot and Humid but full of the most wonderous sights sounds and smells and a place to bargain then visit a market. The night meat and produce market at Cengkareng Plaza. Tomang Pasar Baru at Tanjung Duren or any street market once it gets dark. Bargains galore. But mind your things at all times.
  48. Shopping malls. They are everywhere. If I had to choose the following to visit then it would be these: Central Park, Taman Anggrek, Grand Indonesia, Semanggi, PIM, Galapa Gading. Shop, eat, watch a movie, go to the gym. Alas they are all the same in that respect.
  49. Traffic. Wake up early in the middle of the week and try to move about the city between 7 and 9. Appreciate traffic. Even better if it is raining.
  50. Take a bus (not transjakarta) but Kopaja or Metro Mini somewhere (not really recommended but only do it if you are hardcore determined to have a different experience).
Jakarta has lots to do but there is not enough support or information about these things. They also take time to do and visit and also can be hard work. The heat, traffic and sheer amount of obstacles can be barriers but there is a lot in this city to do and see. 

These are 50 things off the top of my head.

Here are some links

If you are in the city. FX mall near Ratu Plaza has maps of Jakarta for free on the ground floor.