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Taxis in Jakarta

Some information about Taxis in Jakarta, some rules and some things to know.

So here is a list



Indah Family
Indo Taxis
Taxi Cab
Royal City

Silver Bird
White Horse

And I am sure some that I have forgotten or look so dangerous I have not mentioned them. But those are pretty much the bulk of the taxi companies in the city.

I have also broken the list into segments to help you understand how I have rated them. The top list is contains all the taxis I take on a frequent basis.
The next list is some I will take if there are none from the top list. The next lot well, I would rather walk. That leaves Silver Bird etc which are premium taxis and the ones we all would like if we could afford it.

Bluebird - blue taxis with a white sign on the car roof., costs the most as higher fees, start at 6,000 rupiah. In my experience, some drivers like to go slow, take longer routes and try to rip you off however on the whole the drivers are polite and the cars are well looked after. The drivers never fall asleep which is nice. Most Indonesians prefer this taxi. If you are new it is your best bet.
Bluebird also has fleet called Pusaka Lintas which are fine as well.

Becareful when hailing a blue taxi as there are many others that copy the colour and sign which makes life more interesting and they will rip you off.

All other taxis carry a sticker saying 'Tarif Lama' which means the old price. This starts at 5,000 rupiah and goes up in 180 amounts.

Express - White with a yellow sign. Friendly knowledgeable drivers. Drive quickly. Most drivers are trust worthy.

Gamya - Green Nissans with white roof signs, I say this as nearly every other taxi in this list is a Toyota Limo. Pretty decent drivers, seem to know their way around. Cars are clean. Some drivers are sleepy.

Putra - Old Blue Protons with yellow roof signs. There are new cars. Drivers are honest and know their way around. The meter is normally on the floor so it is not easy to see what the price is. But they are reliable.

TransCab - Orange Protons with Yellow Roof sign. TV monitors on the headrests. Drivers polite and cheerful. Never had a problem with Transcab

TaxiKu - Yellow with white signs. Will pay the tolls to the airport for you. Not my favourite as the last couple of times I have taken one of these the driver got lost, was rude, fell asleep or was chatting on his phone. But if you have to, they are ok.


Koperasi -currently upgrading from green and orange protons which are about 50 years old to white Limos. I dont mind them. The drivers often are very sleepy as they work all the time but I have never been ripped off by them. In an emergency no worries.

Dian - Great fun in old white Toyotas with Diane signs on the roof and a blue stripe along the side. Often the AC does not work but the drivers seem happy. Never had a bad experience well not many. Again in an emergency....

Below. As I rule I would not take these as they do not appear to be that big companies and the stories from others have not been supportive of them therefore in my mind that means danger and huge cost.

Indah Family - Might still be blue if still about. Were ok. Don't know now.
Diamond - have a licence to run from T3 at the airport. Would rather walk
Borburdor - No
Indo Taxis - No
Sepakat - No
Taxi Cab - Never taken perhaps never will
Mersindo - very few about
Royal City - Light blue, never taken
PrimaJasa - Same as the bus company. Used once, ok but there are not a lot them about so not too sure.

If you have money

Silver Bird
White Horse

All are luxury cabs and come with premium prices.

Silver Bird use black Mercedes or Toyotas The bigger hotels have them hanging around.

Tiara are from Express and use Alphas. So a big van with windows. There a few always at Plaza Semanggi.

White Horse. New to me, I think using big black Hyudais'. That is all I can say about them.

Some rules.

Becareful when you flag them down as from a distance they all look the same as a rule (remember most are white or blue toyotas)
Insist the driver locks the doors.
Insist the meter is on
Sit in the back behind the front passenger seat as it allows you to see what is going on.
Be aware of where you are and where you need to go. Look lost and frightened and be prepared to go on a long trip.
If you cant pronounce the name of where you need to go, don't expect to get there quickly.
Understand the driver may not know where he is or where to go as the city is big and if it is to a new mall or area the driver may not know it.
For Tolls have money ready. The driver will pay and then either keep the change for another toll booth or give it back.
If you only carry 100,000 notes don't expect the driver to be able to break them. Tolls are good for that. Always carry low denomination notes so it will be easier than asking for change as sometimes drivers dont have any.
If the driver is fasting or it is either first thing in the morning or late at night, keep an eye on him as he might fall asleep.
If you fall asleep you might find you be paying more.
If you are stuck in a taxi when the rains have flooded. Either get out and get wet or take the risk of paying an awful lot.
If you need to book a taxi, Blue bird are the easiest to arrange and the most reliable.
From the airport you have to pay the tolls, a surcharge and then the normal fair. Make sure the ride is on the meter. For me from the airport to Central Park it is 11,000 extra so it costs about 80,000.
It is hard to give costs from here to there as it will depend on the route, the driver, the car, the weather, the traffic and so sometimes it is cheaper or more expensive. However for a 30 minute ride expect to pay a minimum of 40,000 average.
Drivers dont like short trips and so may refuse to take you or set a price.

Over the years I have been here. I consider nearly all taxis I have taken have been safe and reliable. Apart from one driver crashing when he fell asleep and having to change the wheel with him or the odd occasion getting lost I have found the taxis here no bother. With everything in life just becareful.

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