Monday, 3 October 2011

Updates and things

Just some updates I thought might be useful to share and some thoughts which I felt are prudent to share looking at what is being read or visited through my blog pages.

If you are looking for the update to trains to Bogor - scroll down

I got a lovely letter from Google the other day telling me that they had pulled a blog post from another of my blogs due to a copyright complaint and to visit a website to review the complaint. They also told me to amend it or delete it or have the whole blog deleted. I have yet to sort the post out and despite looking the website they told me to go to, I found nothing.
Odd really as the post was just random facts about Indonesia, information that can be found freely available in books, blogs, news sites etc. And whilst I understand intellectual property rights of the owner, the internet is full of copy, imitation and recycled information. As the phrase goes - Imitation is the best form of flattery. I have never not said that some of the things I have found or added to my blogs were all my own work but rather shared from other sites. Quote is from a certain Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832).
My photos which I put on my blog are often downloaded by others to which I am often amazed and delighted that people take them, I have put a small comment on my blog about it , but I also acknowledge the fact that by putting my pictures out there, then they can be used by others. I don't feel angered or annoyed by these things as its a choice.

  This picture seems to  be the most downloaded image from my blog

Still moving on.

I want to update on this blog page some information connected to another blog page 'Trains to Bogor' as I feel things have changed so drastically that some of the information is out of date.

The express train is no longer running from Bogor to Jakarta and vice versa, instead all trains stop at all stations and whist there are AC trains etc, the journey now takes a while longer.

Something else I learnt about trains is a way people get robbed by people on them and this happened to a friend of mine just recently. While waiting for a train, she was using her phone near the platform edge when a train rumbled by. Her phone was snatched from her by someone leaning far out of the train and looking for things to snatch and then once they have something, the people they are with pull them back in. She could do nothing as the train keeps going and there really is not anyone to complain to.  So be careful. I know of people riding as passengers on motorbikes having bags ripped off them by other motorcyclists and recently a teacher had people attempt to stop her car by telling her her tyres were flat. Her car was surrounded by bikes. Luckily she kept going.

I guess everything is pretty much the same to getting better in many many ways. I have recently been able to rediscover the joys of reading popular modern fiction of all sorts thanks to an e reader and access to many  free torrent e books, so much so I am over-whelmed by books to read and now often just switch off the TV and read for a few hours. I have some far collected about 250 free Ebooks from different sites and of different types. Horror, war, fantasy, crime thrillers everything to keep me amused. I have also found more books for school in PDF format which are proving again useful.

I really enjoy reading, be it books, papers, blogs, you name it. I wish I could inspire the students I have to read and enjoy reading as I feel it would help their studies, their understanding of the world, their creativity, their thought process, everything but alas. It is not meant to be. However we do offer reading classes for 3-5 year olds and the classes are full and the students seem to be progressing and that is such great news.

And on that note, time for a read
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