Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Eye Tests Jakarta

Eye tests are free in Indonesia. Free if you trust some guy or gal using an eye test machine who completes the eyes tests in a little under 15 minutes and then give you a result which can change your sight forever should you wish to act on it which I did.

My test result came back at 1.25. Which means I need reading glasses as I spend too long in front of screens, books, phones reading things in different fonts and degrees of brightness. I have have had 2 such tests in 2 different glasses or Optik stores each one stating the same thing and almost the same result. The first test was a month ago and we thanked the staff and left. The tests was on Good Friday, where we paid and then thanked the staff and left.

So, I have decided that after 42 years, well almost 43 I need some kind of visual apparatus to help my sight and reduce some headaches and help me focus quicker on words so I purchased some glasses.  I am now the proud owner of a pair of reading glasses which magnify everything close so I can see it properly or rather clearer and anything far away is a blur. And I now to have to put them on, take them off etc to do different things. Best buy some string, and have that tied around my neck so it will be easier to take my glasses with me. Joy.

Oh and here is a panoramic view of the postcards in my office, which ones (if any) did you send or make?

Post cards always welcome. Address on request. Thanks