Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Visit to the British Consulate Jakarta

I have just been to the British consulate in Jakarta to complete one of the steps in getting married out here. That being completing a notice of marriage in order to get my certificate of no impediment.
The consulate office is on the 19th floor on the Deutsche building opposite Grand Indonesia and not far from Thamrin.
There is a dedicated lift to the 19th floor and a series of security checks and you have to leave id at reception on the ground floor before you can go up.
Once you enter the consulate office, it all of a sudden turns in an almost typical English Post office, complete with bell for attention, a sliding tray on the counter and security glass.
There were some very helpful English staff who dealt with the process which is actually easier than the Embassy website suggests or details.

I was handed 2 forms one being an affidavit and the other for my details and my partners details which we completed and then handed back. The cost of the notice of marriage is 975,000 idr (currently) and they work to 1 pound = 15,000 idr. You can only pay cash and only in Rupiah. Which is so typical as the posters on the walls display the prices in pounds predominantly and then in rupiah if you look hard enough.
After waiting a while the consulate comes and takes you to a room where you have to swear on the bible or the Koran,  that the things you have written are true. She leaves the room as do you and the you wait a little longer.
You then get a stamped copy of the notice of marriage which is displayed in the office for 21 days and after that you have to go back to get your CNI (Certificate of No Impediment) which is also 975,000 idr and necessary to be allowed to wed. They do advise that you ring them the day before you plan to get the CNI to let them prepare it for you as I guess that might take some time.

And tha'ts it. They did keep my passport for a bit but that's OK, I have nothing to hide and well its a little bit of England in a foreign land so of course they can have it.

And as it is a little bit of England there are lots of safety warnings, fire extinguishers and a picture of the Queen on the wall. Almost homely, all it needs is some PG tips and some dodgy plastic flowers in pot, oh wait they were there, well the flowers were!

All rather fun really.

Teaching later in the day, I was lucky enough to be in the class which looks south towards the mountains, so I had a great view of the huge storm that passed our way and watch the darkness and rain clouds approach as the weather turned rather unpleasant for an hour or so. But after a while it all went away and the sun came back out and so by dusk it was rather pleasant again.


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