Monday, 16 April 2012

Personal Bloggers

If you are looking for the top ten seo tips to improve your google ranking, or which skin cleaner is the best, or how to improve your blog, in fact anything that is commercial and business based then clearly you have arrived at the wrong blog.

Having written this blog for the past 3 years, I have noticed much to my dismay the decline of personal bloggers and where to find them. I used to enjoy my blog log but that closed (thank you Yahoo) and trying to move to a similar blog sharing site has not been a successful one which is again a pity.

I do read a lot of blogs and try to make time to read as many as I can but I am finding that personal bloggers, those that write from experience about their jobs or life harder and harder. There have been some great blogs started and then ended after a few months and even after a few years. Of course peoples perceptions and lifestyles change and so therefore so does their time, so where are all the bloggers?
According to Wikipedia there were 156 million blogs in February 2011 which is an awful lot of words. But no one really knows how many active blogs there are. This is one of them.

However despite my groaning and moaning about lack of good blogs, the ones I follow are damn good. And they are (in no particular order)

I should add a word of caution as a couple contain adult content but then again I am an adult so it does not bother me. 

I will continue to scour the web for good blogs by clicking on links and following when I have time and I am sure to find them. I also also hope more people would blog about their lives and interests and activities as whilst we consider what we do as boring we do love to see into other peoples worlds (sinetron, big brother, twitter, facebook all provide that)  as we are nosy and curious about everyone else and what they are doing. 

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