Monday, 30 April 2012

Jakarta - A city of wonder

And wonder I do. Here are some things which are making me wonder at the moment.

The top 4 things that make me wonder at the moment come with free photos.....

10. Kaki Lima vendors reusing wooden chopsticks and drinking straws

9. The onset of more traffic disruption through building elevated roadways and now the MRT, both going across the busiest part of the city

8. Never repaving the key road arteries through the city rather just patching them up

7. Why no one complains about the driving skills of bus drivers

6. The amount of Komilets at Palmerah

5. Air Asia pricing strategies and the fact you can fly to more places in Indonesia from Bandung than Jakarta
(Bandung to Bali, Medan, Pekanbaru,Surabaya and Jakarta to Bali, Semerang and Jogja)

4. Angry Birds Credit Cards

3. TV advertising for Wheelbarrows

2. Why more people are not killed at railroad crossings in the city

And this one is the biggy for 2012 so far

1. Why on earth someone in their right mind approved to close 2 lanes of Garot Subroto on a Saturday morning in front of the Military Museum to hold an event and provide free parking. I mean come on, isn't the traffic there bad enough at the best of times without deliberately making it worse

Photos from The Jakarta Globe, Ali Baba, Tumbler, tribunnews
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