Saturday, 17 September 2011

Heat in Jakarta

It has been so hot here in Jakarta for the past couple of months making the air drier and dustier, the nights hotter and more uncomfortable and the wish for rain so much stronger. Reservoirs are running low, fields are drying up and there is no clear idea when the rainy season will return.
However there has been some indicators to a change in the weather with 2 showers albeit heavy ones in the evening this week and then last night some serious rain for an hour.
It rained fairly heavily on Thursday night at Puri and into Grogol and so the journey home was slower and more cautious as there were an awful lot of deep puddles.
Riding on Friday and today I have spotted so many new holes and dips in the ground, mainly where there were new cables laid and then the holes filled in, they have all sunk and this is the main riding line for bikes so that will mean waiting longer and riding very carefully. I am hoping that someone in authority has visited many streets to identify where the water does not drain away and get someone to fix that. I suspect that the drains and gullies are blocked by rubbish and dirt and debris and perhaps if we are lucky that will be sorted out.
After seeing and hearing the rain last night, I was instantly brought back to the fact that its going to be hellish getting home at night in the rain and I can only hope it rains through the night or between 11-4 in the day when I am working!!!!
Still the rain has washed some of the dust and dirt of the bike but I am sure it has added more.

The city seems now to be back to normal but the traffic seems to be not quite right as some days there is no traffic and others you cant go anywhere, perhaps it is me as I have been going to work at different times but it does seem weird at the moment.

I have a feeling and I do hope I will be proved wrong that this rainy season will be a big one. When I came here in 2007, one of the first things I was told was that Jakarta has big rainy seasons every 5 years. Which  becomes quite important and relevant. I came here in 2007. There were terrible floods through the city. It will be 5 years next year. 2012 could be another big year for floods. Mind 2008 was not much better!!!!

Happy days.

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