Sunday, 1 August 2010

Anatomy show Jakarta

Busy week really, with more downs than ups and some more serious thinking time. The weekend could only come at its usual day by day pace but it was welcome and needed. I took my first day off for 2 weeks and was pretty shattered by Saturday.
I have noticed my sleep, eating, thinking patterns have changed slightly over the past few weeks and work has been making less than excited although it gets better day by day there are still some things that need to be addressed but I am not sure how or if I can and whether anything I can do will make any difference. After speaking to a friend, she diagnosed me with Work Related Stress and that kinda helped clear the air and some of the burden as if I can identify with what is making unhappy, stressed, moody etc then I can hopefully work toward resolving it.
So thats work, moving swiftly on.
The weekend arrived and the plan was pretty simple - brunch - movie - dinner - home for Saturday and some of that was true.
As usual I like to meet Yovita in the city and at FX as it is easy to get to in the morning although a pain to leave in the afternoon and evening. Coffee of course is in Starbucks but I think I next time I will go to DeliFrance as they have an English Breakfast menu and that sounds so so so tempting. Soon..
Coffee is always easy and then from there to the movies as FX is always empty on a Saturday morning. Inception. Hmmm thats a strange one but sharing dreams within in a dream, within a dream, within dream is easy once you get your head around the concept. Good movie, some great effects although not too many and not on the screen for long enough.
The ending is one for thinking about but I wont give it away except to say check the shoes of the kids.... If you remember. 2 hours 20 mins later and it was all over bar the rush of women for the toilet and so whats next.
There was a toy sale in FX, however not the kind of toys we had when we were young. These are characters mainly from movies, like Indiana Jones, The Crow etc with the odd stack of toy cars and lego blocks thrown in. So more of a collectors fayre than a toy sale.
There was also at the mall an Anatomy Exhibition featuring models, bodies whatever from Gunter von Hagen probably. This guy is a genius or the person who did these figures is. I would assume it is him as I have not heard of anyone else doing it. 
The photos below do not do the bodies and the exhibits justice.Sadly it was all to small, I wish there could have been more to see. 
I apologise if you find the photos disturbing/scary/difficult/taboo but I found it interesting. 

I had run  out of reading material as the last 6 books I bought I had just finished and so we went off to Pasar Festival to buy some. I got another 4 books (all paperbacks) to read, mainly horror as that is my favourite and so I have enough books to read until I get paid again. At Pasar Festival there is a shop that sells brand new paperbacks from Granmedia for only 15,000 rupiah each, still wrapped in cellophane and great if you are indonesian.
Walking out, we went past a furniture stall and 2 mins later I had bought a 2 seater leather sofa, albeit a small 2 seater but it would fit 2 of me on it comfortably with room for a cat or something. It was 1,5 million which is a bargain as it will be new, black and there is no delivery charge. Now I have to wait 2 weeks as I have no time off from work to recieve it but at least I have one now and the chairs that have done me proud can go.
Ended up in Aphrodites sports bar for dinner and some rugby. Australia vs New Zealand in the tri nations cup. I knew something was up as it was full by 6pm and full of aussies, bless them. Australia lost. They normally do but it was a great game.
Sunday was spent at Puri Mall really. I needed and had my haircut which feels better. The barbers there is good and in 10 mins its done, no frills no massage, just shaved and went.
The food court on the other hand was messy. It was full and tables were hard to find. Then all locals decided it would be good to stare at me eating, which is something I forgot they did as I dont often eat alone in public, but they do.
As it was scorching hot today the pool was empty so that was an idea time to float around and practice not drowning for an hour in the sun to cool down and relax more.

Quite a busy weekend to end a very busy week. To cap it all off. Mum phoned to say hello which was great.
Thanks mum.
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