Sunday, 1 August 2010


"Luke has just checked into the toilets at Senayan City", "Thomas has just checked in at Toll 1 Slipi, Jakarta", "Sally has just checked in at Bata Shoes, Semmangi"

Who cares? Well many people really because they have all joined the site Foursquare.

Imagine the grief this site could cause, an employee, cheating boyfriend, drunken son etc. So what exactly is it for? In some parts of the world, if you check in to certain places you get discounts on the products you buy. 
In Jakarta, nah. 
However as a social survey of people habits, I can actually see something interesting that comes from it. For example, I have "checked in" at:
My work  8 times
My home 6 times
3 different malls
2 movie cinemas
4 starbucks 
2 restaurants
1 supermarket 
1 bar
since I have started using it ( for about 10 days ish)

Has this enriched my life? no
Has it made things easier for me? no
Does it make any difference? no

Should I connect every check in to Twitter or Facebook? 
Hmmm, nah. I dont think people really have the time or interests in my movements, unless you are a stalker and then why would I publicly help you by posting my movements because after a while you could trend them and then predict where I go. 

I am quite cynical of this application for a few reasons, the first one being I am a key supporter of Nokia and there is no simple application for Nokia phones. I dont want a Blackberry, unless its in a pie and I would only want Android if it was in a Nokia but then it would not be a Nokia, it would be something else.
The next one, it serves no purpose for me, however I now find myself recording all the places I am going to. 
The final one is Idon't really know anyone through this social network but I am reading all their updates. 

A serious waste of my time. 

Twitter and Facebook actually servce some use as they both offer different things that have helped me learn, discover and explore things but foursquare is doing nothing but taking my time. 

For those that use it, what is its purpose for you?

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