Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Central Park

I have tried to create a picture history of the birth (if that is what you want to call it) of Central Park, aka Podomoro City, Mediterania Gardens or simply where I live. The photos were taken in February 2009 and today. They almost match and they show the difference and speed in which these buildings have been built. Anyhow I found it interesting to compile...........

 I used to be able to see the Monas and the Pertamina Building and the Big Mosque by the Monas

Now I can see apartment buildings, but I did learn how cranes are made taller and smaller!!!

Last year I had no idea of the size of the buildings they were building

Clearly they were going to be one thing.... BIG

Tower J not quite finished

Tower J finished and all open

The street outside were still being bulit

But as you can see they are almost finished

Taken last year they were looking good then

The apartments behind them dwarf them

                      The street is very busy most of the time now

                                                          Central Park was being built

              All open now and nice inside

Still yet to be finished 

 Another view from my balcony with Central Park not finished


                              All finished, now with the mall open and busy busy busy

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