Sunday, 29 August 2010

Gyms, Indonesia

I belong to a gym. A well known chain of gyms throughout the world in fact. Not silver or bronze but the other one. I am going to be careful as well, you know, saying the truth online about institutions in this country can get you jail time.
So I have decided to cancel the membership to the gym because quite simply I don't go, its the end of the year and I wont go next year. Too lazy, my working hours don't suit and there is a gym at the apartments which might be better to visit or even the gym at Central part (although I doubt that very much).
Foretold is forewarned so I am told and so knowing that, I went to my gym to cancel the membership and prevent renewal.
I had already suffered the traffic, pollution and heat whilst getting my SIM C renewed so I can ride my bike legally here and so I had no doubt cancelling my membership would not be simple.

This is what I wanted to do: Give notice to the gym that I would not be renewing my membership and to stop billing me at the end of the first years contract. (which ends in October).

It started off well as I was met by a woman who spoke English and I told her that I wanted to cancel my membership and not renew.
She took my card and told me to take a seat. This was 12.20pm, 5 mins after arriving.
At 12.30, she came back and took my contract away that I had brought with me. She then spoke in length to someone else about it and walked away.
12.50, I am still sat there and now enjoying the Incredible Hulk 2008 edition and no one came to see me
12.55, the guy came over and explained that I wanted to cancel my membership and not renew it. Yes was my answer, so he left
1.05 the guy is now speaking to 2 other people about my contract but oddly not me
1.10 the guy comes back and asks me to write a letter confirming my wish to end my contract. I do that and write in it that I wanted 'written confirmation of the last billing date'
1.15 the guy comes back and starts to complete the termination form. He fills in the wrong section as I watch, and so I complain. He walks off and speaks to the woman who spoke in English to me and she starts shouting at him.
1.20, I go to the place where she is still shouting and ask if they could get a move on as it has been sometime and I have better things to do on a Saturday.
1.22 the guy comes back and looks confused, says he is new and that this is his first cancellation. I ask for a written note for the last billing date I will be charges, he looked confused and frightened and walks off to find help.
1.30 he returns with someone not dressed in gym uniform who looks rather stressed and not in the mood for smiling. She completed the form in 1 minute. I ask for a letter confirming the last billing date as this has not been said (it is important as I want it finished and as no one could tell me verbally, it is better written therefore when it goes wrong I have proof). This was met with anguish and almost denial that they could do this. My GF is with me (you think I could do this alone?) and so she explained to her as well.
1.40 I have a scribbled note at the bottom of the contract which I did not understand as there was no dates so the lady had to write dates for me.
1.42 Tea arrives from the gym management to help calm and appease us.
1.44 It was sorted, sod the tea

I should have realised at the start of the contract when they misled me to sign up by telling me that I would not have to pay for a month and then when I signed the contract, I would be charged the following week.....

So thats my adventure and final workout at the gym  Classic Gold!!!!

Lovely gym, rubbish service and ideas of what service actually is about.
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