Sunday, 28 April 2013


At the beginning of April we were hoping for an April baby but with May in sight, it appears that won't be the case.
We have had scares and contractions and dilations and many trips to either midwives and doctors but all are saying the same thing. Wait.

The excitement reached a new height on Tuesday when during the weekly check up the doctor turned round and said 'today' and we were led off to another room where Yovita was wired up to a machine and after 30 minutes sent back to the doctor who said 'not today' and so we went home but it has to be soon.

We will visit the doctor again on Tuesday who I am sure will say the same and we will wait until the due date which is the 7th of May. After that I guess the baby will be induced.

Happily I am teaching my wife to be patient and just wait for the time to be right rather than rush the birth and considering I am a very patient person and am told far too many times a day 'wait ya' I am doing just that, being patient.

Through all this waiting, everything else is on hold. So its work and home and home and work. We managed to sneak out for breakfast today and a few hours in a coffee shop which was good but yesterday we stayed home, er waiting. Actually I spent the afternoon sat in the sun drinking but it still counts as waiting.
not really any help

I have a feeling it will be May 1st, not because it is also the same day as my fathers birthday but because its labour day here! and that will mean the city will be full of demonstrators protesting about fuel prices, salaries and things and the during the afternoon riot a bit to make the day complete, therefore bringing Jakartas frail  road network to a complete stop and preventing us getting to the hospital easily.

won't be any help either

So if there are demonstrators than can read, read in English and read this blog, do me a favour, go demonstrate at home. Its easier to get to, you will be just as ignored as you will be here and if you get tired then there's your favourite chair to rest it.

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