Monday, 1 April 2013


The baby's arrival is imminent and Yovita will start her maternity at the end of the week for 90 days. We have been busy with the buying, washing and visiting such exciting places as Mothercare, The stores in Ambassador, Matahari baby section and other intriguing places to get the bits and pieces we need in pretty much of a hurry.
My mum and Yovitas family have been very helpful so far with lots of stuff being given to help us and it all is proving very useful.

As the day draws nearer and I am now talking weeks rather than months, we have already started to pack the baby bag and plan out the next steps from there.

I am sure once Jeremy has arrived my blog will take on a different slant and direction but I determined to keep writing and posting as much as I can about everything I do and see still as well as my new life with my son.


colson said...

From a faraway past I remember the feverish hectic of a soon-to-be father being overwhelmed by a silent, natural superior force of female family members at the service at the tender little queen or king about to arrive.

Hang on. In spite of lack of sleep, fatigue and exhaustion, it will be marvellous. Because of the newborn of course. And because of being a rookie dad.

Unknown said...

Hi Colson, As the phrase goes.. I have all to play for. This is the start of the biggest event ever in my life. Am I ready? Well bit too late to worry now about it!