Sunday, 24 March 2013


I have been using laundry services here for a good few years now since I have lived on my own and it has made more financial sense to choose this way than get a washing maching and an Iron and then spend my days washing and ironing my clothes instead of doing anything else. And for 7000 a kg everything always comes back clean, pressed and smelling fresh.

However as with most things everywhere in the world, machines break down and systems are never faultless and so over the years I have lost a tie here and there, some socks and more recently some T-shirts and shirts   and now all my shorts.

Socks and Ties are not that important. But the t-shirts and the shorts have travelled with me for a very long time. 7 years to be exact but thats not really the point.

So after moving house we have also moved laundry service to one which is more popular but same price and in the last 2 weeks I have 2 pairs of expensive shorts go missing. After visiting the laundry to complain several times, they have said that they will check and let us know if they have gone missing they will pay 45,000 idr as a form of compensation. 45,000 is nowhere near the price of the shorts or the other clothes lost.In fact that is about a tenth of the price to replace with new.

Not being Indonesia in size, I guess my shorts would be sort after as I am an English 36 around the waist and so would be ideal for someone here who is struggling to find new shorts to fit. The other more concerning point is that; on the odd occasion I have had extra clothes (t-shirts, underwear etc) in my clean laundry and I have always returned it as I have no desire to wear strangers clothes especially pants and I do find it weird that other people or rather the locals here don't.

If you see anyone in Indonesian who is wearing that 'FROME' t-shirt, it is mine, it is the only one in this country and it is not theirs. Do tell them that. Ask them where they got it. If they say 'in a shop in Frome' then it is truly theirs. Otherwise its mine. Take their photo so at least I can see how they look!

The shorts too in this picture have also gone missing only last week.

So after all this, I have had to go and buy new shorts which in my size and the fact I am more than particular in style and colour led me to Senayan City to buy them. I guess the 45,000 I will get will cover the cost of the taxi if nothing else.

I guess I should buy a washing machine. I will put that on the list....

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