Friday, 22 March 2013

Passport Renewal update

After a month or so of waiting I am now the proud owner of a new Passport. It has taken a month mind and the first news I received telling me it was on its way was through the Credit Card charge which appeared but no actual direct contact.

My first post about the process is here:

But back to the process.

I send my passport details, photo etc, to the UK consulate in Hong Kong via FedEx through their International Priority mail back in February and it left on a Tuesday and arrived in Hong Kong on the Friday. So much for it being a priority!
Still it was almost  fun to track my envelope as it was shipped through Asia.

Then nothing.

The credit card charge actually happens regardless of whether the passport renewal form is correct or not which is not very helpful but there is nothing you can do. I was charged $1895 HK dollars which is the 2.6 million rupiah for the process.

Finally on Wednesday this week,  I was handed an A3 DHL envelope and being hardly able to contain my excitement, I found 3 small pieces of paper. One to tell me that my Passport is being processed and will be sent to me direct from the UK via DHL and 2 receipts for charge.

The actual fee for the Passport was $1640 with another $255 HK dollars for the posting and packaging of it to the UK.


And that was that.

Finally Yesterday, Another bright yellow envelope again A3 size arrived this time with my shiny new passport and an invitation to be Organ Donor.

So I am now the proud owner of 2 passports, one which is brand new and is not needed at this moment in time and the other which is being processed by Immigration somewhere in the city.

All bit of a drama really.
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