Sunday, 3 March 2013

Yamaha Bike Service

Compared to Honda there are far fewer service or repair shops for Yamaha. Living in an area full of motorbikes there are hundreds of little stores that service or allow bikes to be serviced on site. Opposite my house there is a bike repair shop which deals mainly for punctures and tyres, the odd oil change and the owner is always to happy to put more air in your bikes tyres for you. I use him now and again. He helped sort out my chain when it was too loose and for 5,000 rupiah I had the chain tightened and the tyres checked. You cant argue with that.
However, me being me and having a total lack of knowledge or interest in how any machine works I am more than happy to have my bike serviced in a Manufacturer approved Yamaha repair shop so that I can feel more confident that the bike is OK, well maintained and wont let me down.

I have found luckily in every area where I have worked or lived a reliable Yamaha service repair shop and they have all been OK except the one in Kebon Jeruk which managed to damage by front wheel when it replaced the tyres for me back in April.
A service center for that post.

My bike is a Yamaha Jupiter MX 135cc and is just over 3 years old and has just over 19,000km on the clock which is good. It has been serviced 12 times but not as regularly as it should have been but it still goes fast enough.

To date the following has been replaced:

Oil (many times)
Brakes front and back (several times)
Spark Plugs
Throttle cable
Wheel bearings
Chain and mesh
Air filter

and the cost for all that is no more than 2 million in 3 years which is pretty good in my opinion. Add the fuel costs I have spent over the last 3 years of lets say 8.5 million and that's 10.5 million spent over 3 years which is fantastic.

Breaking down the service costs for parts

Basic Charge                   40,000
Brakes                             75,000
Brake pad                        15,000
Oil                                   29,000
Bearings                          83,000
Missing cover screws         2,000
Throttle cable                   60,000
Spark Plug                       12,000
Chain and Sprocket       159,000
Oil etc for chain               20,000
Brake shoes                    52,000
Coolant                           36,000
Air Cleaner                     35,000
Tyres each                   200,000

These are what I have been charged and so don't quote me as I am sure the price will be different here and there but it is a good guide.

I also normally Shell for fuel rather than Pertamina mainly because the service is quick and friendly, there are no queues and the actual fuel is slightly better for the engine, however I do sometimes use the subsidised fuel and it does save me money. 50% normally. But riding home after a long day,  I really just want to get home so stopping in a Shell station and refilling takes about 5 minutes tops whereas Pertamina can be double and they will spill the fuel and not clean it up where as Shell does!

The bike today

When the time comes to replace the bike through old age and a feeling of the real need for something else then I will continue with Yamaha. I have had a Honda but up to now (as I touch wood) my bike has not stopped, broken down or refused to start ever, the Honda did.

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