Sunday, 17 February 2013

British Embassy Website for Indonesia

Some help and a moan about help for Passport renewal from Indonesia. The changes have been made only this week.

The site has undergone some kind of enhancement and improvement process by which all information regarding passport renewals goes to this page: ,

where it will give you 3 boxes to check and then provide the forms for you. So its quite friendly, however what it omits to tell you is whether you still need to just copy the page in your existing passport containing your photo and details and just send that.  The old site used to. The reason it used to advise that is because if you are in Indonesia you are likely to be stopped and your passport is required for proof of legal entry here. This information is sort of crucial and is missing.

Also the link  takes you to a page with the link which has another link in blue WHICH DOES NOT WORK and even if you copy it onto the browser and press enter it will take you to exactly the same page.

So if you want to go any further you need to go here: and follow the  instuctions already mentioned.

From some frantic searching if you go here it very simply tells you what you need to send (your passport is not apparently required according to this site but dont blame me if it is)

So here is what I am doing as I need to renew my passport.

I have completed the relevant C1 forms. I have had them checked by another Englishman who recently sent off for his renewal to make sure they are correct. I have new passport photos following the advice neither of which are counter signed as they are just for renewing my passport.
I have filled out the credit card payment form and signed, this can be found on the overseas-passports site along with the C1 (this is called the blank application form) the online one can be used if you have Adobe reader but I do not.

I will copy my details and slide it all into an envelope, take it to DHL pay around 300,000 for recorded post and send it here:

British Consulate-General
RPPC - 5th Floor
1 Supreme Court Road
Hong Kong

and wait at least 4 weeks for a new one to be delivered to me.

So really quite a simple process.....

My next challenge is to get a list of train times from Jakarta to Bandung out of the Kereta APi website. Wish me luck!


colson said...

The beauty of bureaucracy is universal :(.

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Isn't it just....

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