Saturday, 9 February 2013

A storm

Not the perfect storm by any means, but a storm that was strong enough to flood parts of the city, bring it to a standstill and clear up the air a little. The bulk of it lasted for an hour but it finally stopped raining around 7pm. Now its all clear skies and stars...

 Before as the clouds move over the city

 Heavy rain is spreading

 The view is starting to disappear with the sheer volume of rain falling

 And the rain has blocked the view completely with in 30 minutes of it starting to rain

 But after another twenty minutes the rain has passed and the buildings become visible again

Until the view is pretty much back to normal

This is what I can see on a clear sunny day

Been a while since I have seen a storm like that although I know I have been in far too many but I am normally working when they happen and just look out of the window and then move on.

I am sure the result of the storm has been pretty bad for many but I am also pretty certain that it will be seen as a blessing with Chinese New Year tomorrow.


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