Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Weekend

Well Good Friday came and went and then Saturday did the same and Easter Sunday wandered by all relatively innocuously to be honest.

I was glad of the break for Friday and then another normal weekend of half day working and the rest of the weekend off to relax.

Friday was spent shopping for stuff for the baby and we managed to get a bumper and a baby bag for all his needs. We ended up in Pejaten Village which is not too far from home and spent most of the day there, eating and wandering around before getting back and chilling out for the rest of the day.
I spent the afternoon on the balcony reading enjoying the view and sunset with a few cold ones to pass the time and ended up watching TV for the evening which is fairly rare for me as I normally just read or sitting with Yovita chatting in the evening.
Around 11pm I noticed a very large electrical storm passing. I took a look for a while and then decided to take some photos with my Galaxy Tab rather than my camera. Taking photos of lightning is no easy task thats for sure but I got some pictures which have now made me more determined to photograph the weather and all it has to offer a bit more seriously. Jakarta has some great weather patterns. Lots of storms and lightning, weird coloured sunsets and suns due to the pollution and very clear nights with the moon showing and I like all that sort of stuff.

 Sunset looking away from the sunset

 Rainclouds forming over the city and house

 Typical night scene

 Lightning in the distance

More lightning

Saturday I had to work in the morning so that meant no lie in but by 2pm I was home albeit wet from a storm. We had to go Cilandak Town square (Citos) to see if the store could repair my wedding ring with has cracked open. They said they could and to come back in 2 weeks. We shall see. They also said it will cost 25,000 rupiah, that bit I did not believe. 
Eating in Fish and Co I ordered a beer and luckily only the one because I was charged 45,000 for a bottle of Heineken before tax. The fish good. The beer good but so expensive. Water next time.

Sunday I got up late and we proceeded to Ambassador to look for maternity things and spent a few hours wandering around in there before we left feeling hungry and went next door to another gigantic mall Kuninghan City. Looking for restaurants we found ourselves in Mothercare. Much later we left with stuff for the baby before eating and having time to relax.

We got home just before the storm and with enough time to water the plants before it rains solidly without stopping for over an hour. It was a big storm which lasted from 4 until 6 and then lightning lasted until 7.30pm.
As I had nothing better to do because my my internet provider sets the speed at reverse on a Sunday I went had a look. And the sunset was a golden and orange and there was a rainbow and lightning, bright sunshine and also rain all at the same time. 

 Panoramic of the sky from sunset to rainbow



Easter was not really celebrated any other way in my house. No church was attended and no gifts given. But I have been assured Easter chocolate is on the way....

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