Sunday, 21 April 2013

Customer Serivce

In order to appreciate what customer service is I suggest you go and work in a fast food chain or in a supermarket dealing with people who quite frankly on a good day should not be allowed out of their homes due to the fact they believe that everyone and everything owes them something, which of course they don't.

Having spent a good 16 years in customer service and also being a customer service manager for my sins I fully aware of the need to be polite professional and quick however from experience of service here in Jakarta that is not always the case.

However for a change I can actually write about good things and good service which I have had over the past week. Not from BCA, or the laundry or Carrefour because lets face it I am not a miracle worker but from Permata Bank, Hypermart and SmartFren.

I hate slow too but thats all there is

I dislike Smartfren as the 'I hate slow' advertising does not really reflect what speed it offers for mobile internet users and on a good day, it does not offer anything more than dial up speeds. Still I still use them as it is consistent and does not go down just goes slow.

So last Friday I tried to top up Pulsa through my on line banking with Permata only failing twice and having no pulsa and money taken from my bank account.

A phone call to Permata bank on Monday morning to an English speaking customer service person got me a reference number and a guarantee of it being sorted in 7 days. Then an email in English to SmartFren got me a very polite email from them after 8 hours and an acknowledgement that there was an error in the system and I will be refunded.

"thank you for your trust using the product Smartfren.
In connection with the email you send regarding the purchase of credit constraints through your Permata Bank account, we apologize for the inconvenience. After we checked from your Smartfren number 08xxxxxxxxxx172 the transaction is failed, please kindly you can wait for three days work minimum for refund proses from your Bank to your account.
Should you require any further information, service request, or any form of assistance related to Smartfren products and services, you may also use the following customer channels:"

3 days later the money owed was back in my account. This was followed by a phone call from Permata telling me the money had arrived and the issue was resolved.

Good Stuff

Also last week after the latest debacle with the laundry we decided to go and buy a washing machine and so we went to Hypermart in Pejaten Village because they always have great promotions on electrical goods over the weekend. We purchased a washing maching 400k less after discount and it was delivered the next day free of charge and without complaint.

Lets hope I can add to this list of companies here which manage to impress me with their service.

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