Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The first few days

Last Friday (May 3rd at 1.50pm) I became a father to Jeremy. The most life changing and inspiring moment ever I have encountered.

Below are my thoughts and what I saw from the day. The post will be in two parts.

Friday 3rd May

So after 40 weeks the decision was made to induce the baby and go from there. We have been going to YPK Mandiri in Menteng which is a mother and baby hospital and with the permission of our doctor was allowed to induce the baby a few days early with the warning of a c-section if the induction failed. We checked in and went to a ward where Yovita was checked out by a midwife and then the doctor paid a visit and explained that due to the position of the baby's head the chances of induction working was only 15% successful and so we agreed to have a c section. 

This was at 11am and the delivery would take place at 1pm.

Yovita was then put on a drip and had blood tests and anti-biotics pumped into her while I signed here and there on some bits of paper to allow the operation to go ahead. I also had to change into the hospitals medical clothing, wear a hair net and a mask to cover my mouth. The footwear I had to wear was a pair of crocs! As I write this I am sat in the recovery room wearing a blue gown and no shoes but I digress.
15 minutes after Yovita was taken to the operating theatre I was sent for and stood by holding her hand  as the doctors busied them selves with the delivery. About 5 minutes later at 1.50pm Jeremy was born all purple and pale but screaming and kicking which is the best sign. He was cleaned and put under a hot lamp while the nurses cleared his noise and throat.
They  then gave him to Yovita to nurse, maybe to help ignore the fact that the doctor was sewing her back together at that point but also to help Jeremy feed but it was so cold in the room that the feeding never took place.

After that I went with the nurses and Jeremy to weigh and measure him. He weighed 3230g and was 48 cm tall with his head being 34cm which I am sure is important. Then he was tagged and put in an incubator and once he had opened his eyes, whisked away to the baby room.

So I phoned mum and broke the happy news to the world.

Yovita is now in the recovery room under a hypothermia blanket sleeping and recovering. JD is screaming somewhere I hope and I am sat waiting for the next thing to happen which I guess is the move to the private ward. I have just returned from a quick bite to eat so I am feeling better.

In the operating Theatre

Just been weighed and off to sleep
 Saturday 4th May.

I think we eventually got to sleep about 11 pm on Friday. Yovitas family showed up around 8 pm and stayed a while.Jeremy had long since gone to the baby room and Yovita was still spinning from the pain killers so being the dutiful host I showed them some photos and then they left.  From 12 midnight there was someone in the room every hour checking on Yovita and probably doing other things as well and finally with boiled eggs being presented for Yovita to eat at 4 am it was time to wake up and get up.

Yovita slept as badly as me and was in some pain because of her operation and stitches but finally managed to eat some rice porridge for breakfast which was good. Jeremy arrived at 6 am smelling very nice and so Yovita could feed and start to know her new son while I just watched still unsure what to do, eventually I managed to sneak out for some food at around 8 and has a peaceful breakfast in McDonalds.  Before 9 am Jeremy went off for some tests so when the family arrived 30 minutes later they were not too impressed.
More family arrived around 10, not sure who but they were; aunts our something. As they left, Jeremy arrived so they were called back were happy because they could see him and then left. What happened next was an hour of photos as Jeremy was not too hungry or sleepy but happy to be photographed so every one was happy.

The doctor came a little later and told us we could go home Monday which is the best news and the drip and things going intoYovita following the operation could all be removed as well. Yovita is now eating which is great. Jeremy is insatiable in his quest for his mothers milk and we spent most of yesterday evening picking him up feeding him and then trying to put him todown to sleep but to no avail.

In the afternoon, I quickly popped home to get a few things and ate in Ya udahs restaurant as I was starving. Its a great place with overly rude waitresses in a hurry to serve you so you can eat and leave but don't let that put you off.

We finally gave Jeremy to the nurse around 9.30 pm so he could rest and we could sleep. By 10 pm we had both passed out. Still by 4 am Sunday morning, everyone was awake and food was was arriving and nurses were coming in and out. Jeremy arrived at 6 am and fell straight to sleep as did we for the next hour.

Saturday looking about
Top man
The next few days will be in the next post.

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