Friday, 10 May 2013

Coming home

Sunday the 5th and Monday the 6th

Sunday is far quieter in the hospital than any other day, mainly because it is not open except for emergencies so the trickle of visitors and odd patients makes it a very tranquil place. Waking after a long period of sleep there was nothing to do and no one really bothering us. Breakfast was at Starbucks which was nice.
Yovita its getting better and walking is a little easier for her so that helps.Jeremy is still a milk fiend but appears to be calming down and a little more restful. He slept more yesterday.
Our good friend Andy turned up for a quick visit which was great. The crying and breast feeding made him leave quite quickly but it was still great to see some one different.
With the family back everyone managed to stress Jeremy out mainly due to the noise and the raise in temperature in the room which he did not like and so panicked and would not stop crying. This meant him being taken back to the baby room for observation, a stressed out mum and all the family moved outside. He stayed there until 4pm.
So once we knew he was going to be OK, I managed to sleep and Yovita just rested. No sooner was I in full dribble mode when some more friends arrived, Jamie and Fiona. Again it was great to see them and they were delighted as were we when Jeremy came back all happy and hungry. Leaving Fiona with Yovita we snuck out for food and some well needed beer.
On return more visitors were there but they never stayed long and once they and our friends left, Jeremy seemed chilled and sleepy and spent along time with me while Yovita managed to eat and shower. He went back to the baby room around 9.30pm and so we could sleep. 6 hours later a nurse was in the room with a breast pump as Yovita needed to provide milk for JD and now she is starting to produce quite a lot and so he won't go hungry which is good. By 4.30am it was definitely time not to sleep as the room was filling with cleaners nurses and do on and Jeremy arrived around 6am but was gone again by 8am for tests and blood taking which cannot be pleasant to watch but necessary.
Hope fully we can go once we have seen the doctor today and hopefully that's by 2 pm as well I want to go home, Yovita wants to go home and Jeremy needs to come home.
Very excited about going home
Possibly the best Monday ever because that was the day Jeremy got to come home after 3 nights at the hospital. Sleeping as bad as the previous nights meant another early start but time with Jeremy before he went off for the usual inspection and things. Breakfast again was at Starbucks and a chance to rest a little and then when back wait for the doctors and the physiotherapist to see Yovita.
The doctor came and said see you next Tuesday after making sure the stitches were OK and that Yovita was doing well which she is. We were then told we could go home but had to wait for the physiotherapist to instruct Yovita with some exercise routines to help the milk flow.
Finally the baby care nurse came and gave us lots of packages and a booklet all about Jeremy before carrying him to the waiting taxi for our journey home.
Once home he was put straight into the cot. I got changed and went to work to discover packages and parcels from friends and family.
Back home we settled down for a long night and got it. I guess 5 hours max sleep through the night but to be expected after all.

Not so happy to start with at home

But soon got over that!

And now that Jeremy is at home, the fun begins!!!

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