Sunday, 26 May 2013

3 weeks old

Jeremy turned 3 weeks old on Friday and its been a very quick and sleep deprived time. During this time, the amount of new skills and experience I have had are vast. So many things have changed and emotions and feelings and events that they are all hard to experience.
Lots of common questions about nappies, feeding, bathing, sleeping and yes I can do all that and sleep little and still get by. I can warm milk, sterilise almost anything, recognise different baby cries and know the difference between farts and poo in a nappy. All useful skills for the near future.

We have given Jeremy a dummy to help him sleep and it seems to be working and once it has fallen out naturally he sleeps on with out any concern. He is both breast fed and bottle fed and we have began albeit very slowly to introduce formula into his diet when Yovita is struggling to keep up.

Saying that, she has started drinking milk herself which seems to have increased a little the amount of breast milk being produced and that is also good news. Jeremy definitely gaining weight and we think he has grown somewhat as well.

In the Pram
We finally took him out into the wider world today and for a short time Jeremy was pushed around the Epicentrum in Kuninghan and managed to sleep most of the way through it. Noise does not seem to disturb him much and the taxi ride there and back kept him sleepy or sleeping. We need to adapt to bags and doors and the fact that none of these places are either pram or wheelchair friendly. The Epicentrum has lots of steps but few slopes and I will start listing all the places where the clever designers of buildings forgot this bit. Being western I dont like carrying my child around in a sling and so I will be happy to report and complain about the following:

  • No easy access for prams therefore wheelchairs
  • Stupid lazy people using elevators instead of walking for the reasons I just described
  • People who complain I am in the way with my pram
  • Security check points in malls and the attitude taken towards my and my child

Still moving on.

Also been out and about shopping today. The 10,000 rupiah (68p) hair cut is fantastic and the barber takes his time to shave my head and explain whats on TV. Today it was Badminton and Korea vs China. Next was getting some fuel at the Shell garage in Mampang. The cost for super is 8950 a litre or 60p and the V power is about 68p which is twice as much as the Pertamina stuff but I prefere Shell as I am sure I have mentioned before. There is never a queue and so getting fuel takes less than 5 minutes.

Finally to Giant for the weekly big shop. It seems Ramadhan is creeping up on us now as the place was full of tins of Biscuits, bottles of Fruit Syrup and the beers been moved.

The price of fruit has also increased with 4 Royal Gala apples costing 30,000 or just over 2 pounds. Whats that about? The price of the supermarket fruit and veg with the exception of bananas and watermelon just seems to be getting more and more expensive. Continuing my rant, there was no Frozen mixed veg again only bags of sweetcorn and now beef mince to be seen.

Still I managed to spend my usual amount of around 25 quid for the week (its all relative) and went home.

Apart from that not much has really happened as far too busy working, trying to sleep or trying not to fall asleep. I am in the process of sorting out personal health care for the kids which I will update you all on, any forays into cooking and other stuff as it comes about.

Oh and I discovered that Liptons Yellow label tea is the same as the Sariwangi tea but costs twice as much due to the name.

Are these the same?

Oh well. I will get paid next week so I will get some Early Grey or something equally as satisfying.

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