Sunday, 19 May 2013


Jeremy has been home now for 2 weeks and is 16 days old. Sleep deprivation has not yet sunk in but it is getting close. His astonishing thirst for food is amazing and is yellow poo is intriguing, the smell is nothing but a smell and ignored.
His sleep pattern and food pattern has not set yet but he is sleeping most of  the afternoon and some of the night.  We are getting about 6 hours of sleep through the night and maybe some through the day if lucky, which of course does not really happen but it sounds nice.
No TV now as there is no time after work but to eat and sort stuff out and then help Yovita and spend time with Jeremy. So I am back to reading and staring and in the early hours of the morning, spending my time thinking I want a cup of tea before going back to sleep and waking a little later.

Jeremy has grown a few centimetres and has put on weight. He has become a little bigger and he has become very restless and moves all the time.

We are now using milk bottles as well as breast feeding and have gone straight to nappies as the cloth ones just stain and are not really suitable for us.

We have not taken him outside the house yet, only to the hospital for a check up, which was all good and so he is not yet used to sunlight and when he goes onto the balcony we have to be careful of the light and the heat so he is not up there for long. He is however totally ignorant of the noise outside the house, from the motorbikes, the mosque, the repair shop, the man with the horn selling his sweet corn which is good but he does react to voices close and far which is good.

My time at the moment is just work and home and chores and thats about it. I managed to sneak Yovita out of the house today for a quick 30 minutes for coffee (the nanny was in control while we were gone) and that was the first time out for her for a while as well which was nice.

As Bob Dylan once sang, 'Times a changing'....
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