Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Hideaway

To help celebrate Christmas and also to have a break from city living we decided to check into a hotel for a couple of nights and enjoy the lack of anything to do for a few days.
Last year was the Akmani and it was good but this year it has been the Millennium hotel at Sirih in Jakarta just behind Thamrin.

Millennium hotels are a global chain and from memory I have used the chain before. Once in 2006 for my last trip before Indonesia when I went to New York for New Year and then again in 2007 in Jakarta.

The hotel is a 3 or 4 star hotel and is currently being renovated so getting into the hotel initially required going down into the basement and then taking a lift to the lobby.

I have more about the hotel here

The view from the window overlooked the city to the east and it is an impressive view which was good.

Panaramic view from my  hotel window

To be honest I can't stay in a hotel room for too long as the walls start to close in so we spent yesterday in Central Park and City Walk and both evenings in  Thamrim.

We went to Ocha and Bella, the Italian bistro at the Morrisey near Jacksa for some dinner but with pizza being 130,000 idr and pasta dishes at 90,000 we settled for the buy one get one beer and the free bread before moving up to Ya Uhdas restaurant for equally good for as long as you did not want rice because they had run out.

Thamrin at night

Yovita wanted to take me to a new coffee place called Liberica which she found in Pacific Place and also in Central Park so we went to Central Park. The mall is at the end of the day well designed and the gardens and landscaping outside is lovely especially in the morning before the crowds get there and start photographing everything they see. The coffee, yep it was nice.

Liberica is opposite Sogo outside in Trebeca

City Walk, Sudirman

Today the wife is back to work and I am off to ride the buses home and then meet her later for dinner. Should be fun.
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