Thursday, 13 December 2012

The long week

Holidays are coming but for now I still have to wait another 9 days before I can unplug my computer, turn off the AC and leave the office for a whole 10 days for the Christmas break. I can't wait.

Living in Jakarta I really can't seem to get my ahead around peoples view of Christmas and the lack of spirit or excitement that it brings balancing that with the over the top Christmas decorations and attractions dotted about all the malls at the moment.

For example:

Citraland has Rabbit Island
Central Park 'is the 'Christmas city'
Semanggi has Mr Bean for the kids
Gandari City has Hello Kitty
Taman Anngrek has the 'warmth of Christmas'

Central Park 2011, I have not had opportunity to take a recent photo at night since I moved.

I could go on but I won't, but here are some websites which will....

However, they all lack that certain element of Christmas for me, the spirit and the excitement from those inside shopping.

Last weekend whilst at Central Park in the blazing heat I saw a Santa who was wearing a grey shade of facepaint to make her less Indonesian. In Kuningan City, the Starbucks ( therefore all the other Starbucks in the city ) was belting out 'Let it snow Let it snow'. Centro in Semanggi had Christmas tunes, lounge style which was laid back but still somehow wrong.

I guess I miss the hustle and bustle of shopping in England at this time of year. Queueing in Argos for that last item of stock. Fighting my way through the supermarket with my bag of sprouts and frozen turkey and of course standing in line in Superdrug with some cheap perfume and a selection pack on Christmas eve as I forgot something for someone.

I can't see that happening to me this year as I have already finished the shopping, sent the cards, sorted out dinner for Christmas day, got the hotel booked for a few nights stay over Christmas. I guess I have already changed my approach.

Still, Christmas morning will be fun as there will be kids and presents and I am sure something strong to drink to start the day....

Party Mix, The essence of Christmas Parties.....

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