Friday, 28 December 2012

Getting around in Jakarta

There are so many variations to the transport here in the city that it is hard to classify them all. The amount of buses and taxis and motorbike taxis and trains and unofficial buses and private cars and hired cars and trucks carrying people around the city is staggering, some days I am certain everyone is one the move. Lets not forget the bimos, bajaij and anything else I have forgotten.

AC buses and non AC buses, executive buses and hole in the floor buses are all here all at once going all over the city.

However you wont catch me on many buses that's for sure. I am uncomfortable on the smaller, noisier, more dangerous ones because they are quite simple a hazard. So I prefer taxis. I wont take Ojeks because I ride and find Ojeks not too careful and they don't provide helmets. I will take the bus, the Transjakarta Bus if I have to because despite all its faults it is efficient at getting people around the city when the bus lanes are not full with traffic slowing it all down. Also when the buses themselves are not over crowded.

Today was one of those days when I braved the busway and took it down into the city, changing once at DukuAtas2 as I was going from Mampang to FX in Sudirman. That's a record 4 times this year!

The cost is still 3500 and for that you get an AC bus with attendant and attendants at every station. A supposedly clear road and a quick tour of the city.
The buses are either Orange, Blue or Grey and every station I have been too has a map or at least signs telling you where you can go but the buses themselves have no such information.

The buses today were thankfully empty, probably because I took them at lunch time so there were many people praying and working. I wont be taking the bus home tonight due to the rain and fact I don't want to be  like a sardine squashed into a bus, no, I will take a taxi home. It may cost far more but it will be worth it.

Buses JTM 031 and JET 029 clearly have seen better days and maybe they will be taken out of service for transjakarta and then used by some else here to ride around the city.

The first bus had broken doors and loose wiring hanging out and holes in the floor, while the second bus had loose seats and holes in the floor. Both were dirty. I am not surprised by any of this however, as I can imagine the buses are constantly in service and because it is Indonesia, they wont get fixed until things actually fall off and then they will be repaired at the cheapest least effective way.

All the above are  from JTM 031 which goes from DukuAtas2 to Ragnuan. What the  blocks are for I don't know

This is from Jet 029 and is definitely in need of some repairs

The stations themselves appear to be maintained there were signs of decorating and repair in several of the stations along the way.

However the trip itself for the money was quick and painless and OK for a now and again option and the views are nice.

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