Sunday, 30 December 2012

2012 in pictures

2012 is nearly over and 2013 is almost here. I will post more before 2013 but here is my year in photos.


Fireworks. Bali Beach on New Years Morning and at Central Park for Chinese new Year. A great way to start the new year

February. Moving to my first rented house in Mampang. 

Skip to May as nothing really happened in the next 2 months. Well nothing it seemed I took photos of.


 A flurry of all things English as Debenhams started selling Jubliee stuff at English prices. But made me feel proud.
 Bali. Say no more
 A sunset in my house

The Wellmen trying to sort the well out. They did, but it got worse and we eventually started to run out of water. Things got better once it rained but that was in October. 

June. My birthday. A trip to Bandung to see the volcanoes and the month some thieving bastards broke into my house and took valuables, laptops, wedding rings and clothing. Bastards.

Happier times in July. I spent a week with my parents in Bali and I also married my partner and best friend Yovita.

August saw city tours and the peace and quiet of Idul Fitry hitting Jakarta. So I went to the zoo.

 Birds on view at Pramuka Bird Market

 Komodo Dragons at the Zoo and the ever helpful sign explaining where everything is, which is designed to be unhelpful.

Bung Karno Stadium was also visited at 6am on a Sunday morning....

 And of course there is always room for a shot of Sudirman empty during Idul Fitry.

Nothing much happened in September, except smiley doughnuts and me riding into Pasar Baru twice a week for work.

October saw the return of  mangoes and my wedding in the local paper in England.

November brought big rain and the nightmare of walking into a mall to find hundreds of Man Utd fans all chanting 'we're going to wembley' and 'glory glory Man Utd'. Wrong.

So then there was December. Hotels, Christmas, crazy floods and its not over yet...........

The Mulia. 

Panoramic views from the Mulia and Millennium hotels respectively.

Gifts from Home and the Tree at Eastern Promise.


There we go. a whole year in 30'ish  pictures. Every picture a tale to tell and a memory to share or something like that. 

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