Sunday, 2 December 2012

Luxury Hotels

Choosing which hotel to stay at in Jakarta, is never an easy choice as there are so many to choose from. Depending on your budget there is something for everyone from 50,000 a night flea holes around Jalan Jaksa  to 5 million or more at the biggest and poshest hotels in the city. 
The discount hotel website has 256 listed hotels for Jakarta alone so I guess if you are staying in the city then you need to think carefully about where to stay. Not easy if you have never been to Jakarta before or do not fully understand the traffic and vastness of the place and the time it takes to go from say, Kuninghan to Kemang or Blok M to Glodok on a Friday night in the rain....

However, for once the choice was made for me and luckily, happily and most enjoyably I just spent the night in the Hotel Mulia, Senayan. A top range 5 star hotel with more people opening car doors at the lobby than I have seen anywhere else in the world.

The Mulia is just down from Plaza Senayan and Senayan City and it is famous for its luxury rooms and the nightclub CJ's for other more infamous reasons. 

The wife and I were staying in a corner room in the Mulia Signature room which is huge. A King size bed, a sofa bed which could pass as another king size bed, a desk, the forementioned sofa, 2 views (it was a corner room) one out to The west and you could see Taman Angrek, Puri, and beyond and one of the city heading north and you could see the Monas, Istiqlal mosque and beyond as well. We were on the 10th floor and the views were great. The room was deathly quiet and there was little noise from anywhere during the stay. 

The views (panoramic)

So what to do for 24 hours in a 5 star hotel. Well absolutely nothing. Drink wine, use all the hot water taking very long baths and simply enjoy the luxury and the time in the room. 
The mini bar was well stocked but the prices come with 21% added tax on top of silly prices already, so we stayed away from the room service and brought what we needed with us.

The room style we were in starts at 2 million without breakfast and with breakfast takes it up to 3. 3 million is well spent don't get me wrong but for 3 million I would rather fly to Bali and stay 4 nights there!!!

And as I never had to pay for the room then why complain. 

However, it is quite clear that the hotel caters for more arabic and oriental people and so there were many TV channels for both and not a hint of Premier league soccer anywhere. Not that I really care, its just I remember when I stayed in the Ibis, there was!!!  (Ibis 400k a night, Mulia 2 million).

It was a great weekend way from the house and better than the last time we stayed there as the room was far far bigger. 

I am now waiting for the opportunity to stay at their new Bali resort. 


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