Sunday, 31 July 2011

Work no play

 Long week that one. Early mornings, late nights, taxi rides, car rides, motorbike rides, trips to the doctor, the mall, excellent curry, beer and time with friends.
It all started with an Inschool teaching position in the city which was and is a new experience for me. 6 classes 25 students in most; so much noise and energy, it certainly takes it out of you. Then back to my center for more teaching and other things that seem to be happening, some not so good but on the whole all the rest are very good.
Lots of things in the pipeline all of which currently are exciting and with only 28 days before a weeks holiday, things have to remain good.
The best thing about teaching away from the center is the chance to travel and see parts of the city at different times, something I really like to do and so travelling early morning from my place to a school in Jelembar was interesting. Traffic (of course) early morning markets, people wandering around and the city getting in gear for another heat filled busy day.
Taxi journeys home too are nice as there is no fighting with traffic or anything else and a chance again to watch people and there battle to get home or to the mosque to pray.

Speaking of which,

Tomorrow is the start of Ramadhan for the islamic people of Indonesia and elsewhere throughout the world. A month of peace and good doing by the people for the people and also a month of fasting from sun up to sun down and goodwill to all.
As a non muslim, I won't be fasting but I will be trying to be observant and respectful of those that are and will support them and help them. However, I do find Ramadhan to be more dangerous on the roads as people seem to be driving worse (which is possible) and so will have to a little more patient and far more alert.

So to all my Muslim friends

'May the spirit of Ramadan illuminate the world and show us the way to peace and harmony.' 

oh and if you have any influence, could ask the mosques to turn the volume down a little. Thanks :)

Hurt my back in the week somehow, the pain came and went and then on Saturday it returned with vengeance and that has made every single thing I do painful and made me think about how I do everything from putting on socks to walking down stairs. If you never have suffered from lower back pain, I hope you never do and if you have, my sympathies are with you. It hurts.
So after much to ing and fro ing I was taken to a Dr in the clinic at the apartments who after testing my blood pressure correctly identified me as having back pain and suggested an MRI scan to see if there was any damage. Whilst I am sure it might help the damage would be in the wallet I am sure no where else. However should it continue to restrict me from walking etc then maybe I will take a trip to the local hospital and get a scan.
The pain killers make me drowsy and so if there are more errors than normal its because I am trying to stay awake.

Still, I managed quite bravely to go into the city and enjoy a day eating, drinking meeting friends and watching Harry Potter. We ate at FX in a restaurant called Dome where the burgers and pasta are good and then watched Harry Potters last movie and that was really good. Sadly not in 3d but maybe next time if it is still on in a few weeks time. After 10 years of watching the movies, reading all the books, and enjoying the DVD's the finale movie was a successful conclusion to the story although I would say the ending was a little rushed but then again it never spoiled it for me so it really does not matter.
After that we went to Kemang to wait and then meet friends for a curry and a beer. Kemang is the popular trendy spot in the city for the  young and rich and so feeling out of place settled in quite nicely. However despite its amount of bars, bistros, clubs the phone signal was somehow lacking so much as not to have one.
After an hour in Starbucks chatting with Yovita we left to the Expat Bar - Eastern Promise where we met some friends and had some great curry and conversation. Beef Madras always enjoyable.

And thats the week that was. Next week should be fun as I have a training workshop for 2 days, a student recruitment drive and lots of teaching.

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