Sunday, 24 July 2011


Probably 'Dust' is too short to show up in google searches but I am sure that does not matter. It been a tiresome week full of the usual angst and stresses but with some good rewards and experiences so never bad just another type of challenge.
Been observant again and have noticed a few things recently. The lack of maids in malls but more mums with prams and therefore more prams. Not sure if they have gone or they have stopped wearing uniform but as I am spending more time in malls recently there does seem an absence of maids but more family members only. However the Malls are Central Park and Puri Mall both in more affluent areas and CP is surrounded tower blocks and Universities so I guess there are lots of younger people here and Puri is certainly a richer area and so again maybe the times when I go it is family time or something. I don't really know.
Saying that, just saw 3 nannies!!!!
The water in my shower room smells, and I mean smells bad. It has to be one of the worst but also most recognisable smells and no end of Domestos or Harpic is getting rid of it. I am sure there is a reason and it ain't me. There is a really fantastic TV advert here at the moment for Harpic toilet cleaner, where a woman is visited by  the Harpic TV crew and shown the worlds filthiest toilet (proud housewife time) and with one squirt of Harpic and 30 seconds later it is the worlds cleanest. The shame of both watching it and being on TV unable to clean a toilet.
Moving on...

So I am sat in Starbucks taking advantage of free internet, free coffee and free AC and all I can say is 'mutton dressed as lamb'

The dry season seems to be in full swing and its funny how no one comments on the change as there is a noticeable change this year, sure it is still raining but only occasionally and so the days are hot and dry and dusty. There seems to be a never ending layer of dust in my apartment, the dust / dirt comes in rain, it hangs there and makes everything filthy and god knows what I am breathing in. Saying that there are fewer buses currently I am meeting spewing jet black smoke on the streets and even the noisy smokey Bajais seem to have reduced in number. The crazies on the bikes are increasing though but that has something to do with the schools being back.

So pretty random stuff this week but with all the violence, death and destruction around the world its probably for the best. Lets hope this week is a quieter safer week.

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