Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday Morning Jakarta

Spent the weekend away from work after getting a couple of days off. A 3 day break always welcome and much deserved. I am sure to return to it both refreshed and with the expectation that there needs to be things sorted out immediately, we will see.
So I managed to get out from work early and then met Yovita for dinner at the local mall. We went to La Biere, a name full of promise and expectation and to be honest it is really nice to sit outside and enjoy the quiet evening. The food was ok and the cost was not too much although not the biggest of portions. The beer was cold and that helped. On trying to pay with my ATM card I could not as they did not accept Permata cards. The manager said sorry, the cashier said sorry but I think this has to be one of the key things that pisses me off here, is not being able to pay through my atm card. I don't like carrying cash as it seems to get spent more quickly and I feel safer with out it. This is another place I cant spend my money. Ace Hardware, Starbucks Thamrin and now La Biere, all places I wont return too.Luckily for me there are 000's of other places to go to who will take my card and therefore my money so its not all bad.
Up early Friday and off to service the bike at the local Yamaha dealer. A good use of 2.5 hours but if the bike is fixed and running better so what. 78,500 rupiah it cost me ($6 usd or about 4 pound 50p in sterling) and for an oil change, brake clean, complete safety check and test I wont complain.
From there to Fish and Co for some good old fish and chips with salt vinegar and good it was too. Made me almost homesick (they don't serve bread and butter or brown sauce) as it reminds me of Christmas getting fish and chips for me and my parents, ignoring my mothers warning of 2 pieces of fish as the fish is big and coming back with 3 bits and getting told off by mother and told I should eat it all!
Slept most of Friday afternoon, catching up on lost sleep over the weeks and I still managed to get another 9 hours in Friday night.
Saturday morning was spent as mornings should be, doing absolutely nothing and that was simply great. Eventually I headed out to the city to Semanggi to meet Yovita and from there to Aphrodites for pie and mash and buy 1 get 1 free beer.
The rest of the day was spent watching movies and tv and chilling out which was good.
My initial plans of going to an island this weekend were scuppered so eating lots of English style food and relaxing seemed to be the best next choice.

As for today, well breakfast and coffee in Starbucks in the local mall whiling away some hours with reading and some angry birds!
Seems almost a routine now, wander over to Central Park for early morning coffee and to sit in the quiet of the mall before church kicks out and the kids start running about the place.
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