Thursday, 14 July 2011

Google Plus

I managed to get an invite to join Google Plus, the latest social network site and this one is by google. I use buzz although it is only updated by tweets from my twitter timeline but at the end of the day, I am getting bored of Facebook as there is nothing new or exciting now after 5 years, everyone states more or less the same stuff every day or are playing random games as a way of passing the time. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan but I have grown tired of the games, the tagging, the pokes, the updates and the almost banal chat over it. That might upset a few people but there we go.
So after accepting an invitation to join Google+ I accepted and am now trying to marvel at its simpleness yet confusing ideas which do work.

I have quite a lot of contacts to join it as well so we will see what happens should they do that.. You can only join currently if you have a google email account (so I have read, but could be wrong) but from there it sits nicely along side gmail and the other bits google offers.
If you use chrome or firefox you can get extensions for it as well such as a twitter feed and er... a facebook feed :) (well you have to come down slowly) there are also applications available to pull all your photos and friends from Facebook and add them to G+ as well.
It links into Picassa for photos and so photo sharing is really easy. Adding friends is not difficult as you can put them in different circles and allow them to see what you want, however whilst sharing photos is easy, I am not sure yet what people can see so currently most of them are blocked.

If you want to have an invite then message me through here with your email details. and have some very useful information and ideas and tips and applications.

Why not try it, at least Cafe World, Farmville, Pet Society etc etc. are not part of G+ but then it might only be a matter of time...

Finally there is this button which seems to be cropping up everywhere you add it pretty much everywhere too.

This button is google's 'like' button, however if you have G+ and you press this button on a site, link, post, etc then the link appears in you G+ +1 tab. Which is useful when you want to refer back to a site again. Bit like a bookmark but in your social feed.


Unknown said...

Hi, Luke! I'll be grateful to receive an invitation from you. My email is Thanks a lot!

Tempo Dulu said...

do we really need another way to share stuff - ain't email and twitter enough?!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Luke,
I'd like to see what this is all about. Don't be shy invite me

Unknown said...

@ Mobi Man -invite sent
@ Tempo Dulu, Never enough always want more, well no, actually yes it probably is not required as there are far to many ways to share, so I guess whats one more way going to hurt!
@as requested Umi :)

starkravingsober said...

I've had it since day 1. I still don't get it.

social media for churches said...

Wow did not know that google was offering so much i had heard about google circles and the +1 feature but that upto10 video calls at once and been able to share youtube videos whilst on a call is amazing.