Sunday, 7 August 2011

Training Days

Took Monday off to rest the back which I think was a sensible idea and spent the day sleeping and taking it easy. That's the second sick day in 2 years, I need to be careful as it might become a habit. I did feel better at the end of the day and by Tuesday was almost at 80%. However, putting on ones shoes was more than a hassle and so that convinced me that a taxi was the safer option than riding. So I took a taxi to work. That was nice and relaxing and effortless. There are times like that when I wish every day was like that, getting to work under someone else's steam and stress and no worries for me, but alas I am not super rich or rich so the bike will just have to do.

Wednesday was the start of a 2 day training workshop with EF Tamara in the city and that was kinda exciting as it was my first event like this and so I was looking forward to it. 
EF Tamara is in the Tamara Building in the city and it is the main office for all EF franchises throughout Indonesia, it is a relaxed and happy place and the training on the first day was exactly that. Happy and structured with lots of conversation and talking and it was fun to be with my peers and the head of the organisation and the operation managers. 
After the first day we had went to a restaurant and spent some of the evening talking and eating before going to a hotel for the night. Now I know I live in Jakarta and could have gone home but I like hotels and also it would save me some hassle getting in and out of the city so I opted to stay in a hotel. The hotel was the Prasada Mansion Hotel and my review can be found here.
It is behind the office buildings down Sudirman and literally 5 minutes from the building I was in. Once checked in I ventured out for some snacks and ended up in the maze of streets behind Sudirman but I got to an Alphamart and back without too much worry. Having lived in the city now for a while, I am used to the dark and narrow streets and the lack of help given. 
Despite being woken up around midnight I slept well and the hotel room was ok. 

The next morning I had some stomach problems and a high fever. Probably caused by too much chili and spicy food the night before, but the fever I don't know. It was random, I only had it really in the hotel and near the hotel, after leaving and going back into Tamara it went. 
The second days training was good and again lots was covered and I have lots to share with my team at work which in time I will as there is a major holiday to enjoy first and organising meetings sometimes can be tricky.

So back to work on Thursday afternoon, which was nice and to get back with the team as I had been away for a few days. 

The weekend, well, Saturday was at work all day to support and be with my team at the center and then the late evening was spent relaxing and having fun.
Today I finally got a haircut although getting to the Barber shop in Puri mall was so much like hard work. The taxi driver took the usual route only to find it was closed and so instead of turning around, headed through the smallest of streets and after stopping for directions a couple of times got back to a main road and eventually to the mall.
From Puri I then headed through the city to Tebet for lunch with Yovita and some more time with her for the afternoon which was good and enjoyable. I apparently ate in a famous restaurant called the Citrus Cafe. Not sure why it was famous but the food was good and not overly expensive.

Ramadan is truly here and I have teachers fasting and students fasting, everyone seems ok at the moment. The city is a little more quiet than normal but I have noticed Taxi drivers are more drowsy than usuall and motorbikes are going slower although with less care as I have seen some small smacks and hits caused by sheer carelessness.
The call to prayer has not been very loud in the morning but the prayers after fasting are very noisy. I am not complaining but I don't remember hearing 2 hours of prayers everyday last year after fasting. I live high up so I miss the drums at 3am and the rush to eat at 6 in the malls and streets. The traffic was light this weekend when I was out and about although the daily crush is still apparent. 
I  am sure as the rest of Ramadan unfolds I will have different things happen, even if I don't, at the end is a week long holiday.... yeay
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