Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Independence Day Jakarta

A very busy week, lots of work and lots of things happening. Happily with a holiday slap bang in the middle of the week as well which was ultimately the best news.
Independence day 2012 Jakarta. A national holiday and that meant a day off from work and a chance to rest and take it easy.
For the school kids that means school in the morning to salute the flag and sing the national anthem and take the day off.
For me take the day off.

I spent the day in Tebet and Mampang with my finace and for a change I took my bike and rode over. It was pleasant enough on the way even though the traffic was heavy but on the way back the traffic was very heavy as everyone was rushing to Central Park for the sale, break fast, and anything else that was going on. The traffic was possibly the worst I have seen there minus the flooding.

I will comment that I saw little of any national pride from riding around and there seemed to be less flags and events this year, I guess due to the day falling in the middle of Ramadhan.

On Saturday I decided after work to meet again my fiance at Tebet so being brave I decided to ride out from Puri to Tebet. This is actually really simple had I made it really simple and not get lost throughout the trip and getting lost and taking the wrong route on a Saturday in the heat and chaos of the traffic in Jakarta is not always a good idea thats for sure. Apologies for the maps not being correctly placed on the blog, the one frustration I have is with sizing of photos maps etc in blogger.

My supposed route

Puri Indah - Slipi - Mampang - Tebet

My actual route

Puri Indah - Tanah Abang - Harmoni - Monas - Semanngi - Tebet

As you can see I went off in a different direction but that was only to find a road and route I knew well so I could get to Tebet. The journey took me about 1hour 20 minutes instead of about 45 minutes but I saw a street market, A new starbucks, The Monas and lots of buses and people. Delightful.

Coming back the road is literally a straight one to my home and once I got past Slipi the traffic died away, mainly because it was 5.45pm and everyone was preparing to break fast. Next time I will turn right and head for Senayan rather than Tomang, thats got to work and thats a task for next week!

So an interesting day and week all in all.

Finally I am posting the following award which was given to me by a fellow blogger and friend who decided that I should be celebrated. So thank you Umi for the award you are most kind.

http://umidishes.blogspot.com/ is her blog and it is quite fantastic.

I would like to mention the following people for this award as well even though some have been nominated already but hey what can I say,  I like what I see....

Umi - http://umidishes.blogspot.com/
JP -   http://smile4meonline2.blogspot.com/
Alexandra - http://ropcorn.com/
Ria - http://riatumimomor.blogspot.com/
Harry - http://www.multibrand.biz/

You all have great blogs, views and stories I enjoy reading and commenting on. Keep it up and thank you.

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