Monday, 1 December 2014

Nexus 5 Lollipop

I have owned a Samsung for a while now; my tab which is at least 4 years old, a Samsung Grand and a Samsung  Mega 5.8. They are all amazing devices and can do amazing things, however I have been getting frustrated recently with my Mega and so I have been looking to change it for something else. Android something else.

I ended up with the Lenovo Vibe Z, Samsung Note 8 and the Nexus 5. I have used Lenovo before and so know what they can do and Smasung is always easy to use. Nexus 5 is an unknown quantity for me but has very good reviews and interestingly enough is in the same price range as the other 2.

On Saturday after much searching, I ended up in Pejaten Village at 7pm at night (I had been doing other things as well) and after being told the Vibe Z is no longer sold and the note 8 was not 3g, I found myself in a phone store which had Nexus on offer for just over 4 million.
Typically, the store took only BCA or Mandiri debit cards and I did not want to pay with Credit Card so I had to go to an ATM and come back with far too many 50,000 rupiah notes and stood and watched amused as the cashier counted them.

Then once the Mini Sim I had been using was fitted I was and still am the proud owner of a Nexus 5 black phone. The mini Sim failed so I had buy a new Sim Card and number and that is now causing me a headache but I will sort that out later.

Yesterday I updated the phone from Kit Kat to Lollipop and its awesome. Battery runs a little fluid but its great.

Some specs if you need them.

Its Black, made by LG, 8mp camera, 1.3mp camera on the front, non removable battery, 12gb free memory but no expansion. Android 5.0 Lollilop. 5 inch screen and groovy.

As of day 2 it was a good move to switch over to Nexus and I am not missing Samsung at all. I hope it is all that I think it is in 3 months. 
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