Monday, 22 December 2014


Holidays are nearly here and that has been a long time coming. I have not had really any time off since August and I am tired. Jeremy is always awake by 5.30am therefore so am I and I dont sleep early as I have trouble sleeping, so I choose to sleep later so I can sleep through the night.

December has been a fairly uneventful month so far, obviously Christmas changes that. The weather is changing and the rain is starting to come almost daily which makes everything slower and the humidity after is surprisingly intense after. The lightning storms are back which is great but that does bring the rain with it however they are nice to watch.

The plumbing in the house is determined to get worse. The kitchen piped decided to clog up with dirt and stuff so we fixed that, but that then caused my shower to to do the same and that can't be fixed as the pipework is behind a tiled wall and we need permission from the landlady to smash the tiles etc and fix it, so we have to wait until we pay the rent for that to happen. The upstairs bathroom now has a leaking pipe and the floor in the housekeepers bathroom seems to be sinking so the water does not drain away. Add these annoyances to the fact the amout of water in the ceiling is increasing, I try not too look  up any more. I will endeavour to paint the ceilings early next year to make me feel better if nothing else.  Oh and now the AC needs cleaning again, right before Christmas. Joy.

Jeremy has begun to scream now and takes delight in running and spinning round and round. I think he is bigger, he feels heavier. He has most of his teeth I think, and we have introduced him to toothpaste and brushes but he prefers to comb his hair with his brush or brush the wall with it rather than clean his teeth. We instruct him often but this one will take a lot of time.

And that must leave Christmas. Its almost here. The house is not decorated this year, as Jeremy will certainly destroy the tree. We have some lights up but cant switch them on as again, he pulls them when left to himself so next year when he has some understanding of right and wrong. Good news is the presents have been wrapped, cards sent and countdown is on. 2 days at work for me then I am done until January 5th and 4 days to Christmas day.

The bad news is that Marks and Spencers in Central Park where I normally buy lots of Christmas food, had none, in fact it looked like they were in the midst of closing the food section down completely, which is a shame.

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