Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Not the Christmas I had hoped for, but then they normally arent. This year was very low key and not really a festive one as with Yovita working and the housekeeper deciding to go home for the entire holiday time I am off, really never left too much to do anything at all. But then spending time with Jeremy is always fun if not a lot stressful and tiring. The holidays are not over until the 5th of January and we are off to an apartment overlooking the city for new year tomorrow so that is good news.

I took Christmas eve off from work, as usual and spent the day going mall to mall, buying bits and pieces for Christmas and  I met Yovita after work and we went home together which was nice. I ended up buying a range of spirits as well for the holiday which also was nice.

Christmas Day saw Jeremy overloaded with gifts from Mum and us and he has a lot more new clothes that fit and more toys and books and has sensed something was up. He was dleightfully excitied and full of life has not stopping playing with the toys or asking for the books to be read to him. The best bit about Christmas, I think is seeing others happy and enjoying the day.

Yovita and I took off for lunch around 12 and ended up at Senayan City mall where we queued to buy tickets for the Hobbit movie and then ate large amounts of Italian food washed down by beer before watching it. The movie was so so and it did not seem odd to see a movie at a cinema on such a traditional family day (for the British) and the mall was packed by the time we left. Christmas here is really just the day, everything returns to normal the next day and like all other national holidays, everything carries on regardless what national or religious holiday it is. 

Posh Tree thing at Senayan City

The 26th was spent shopping and eating and then resting at home as have the last couple of days. Yovita went back to work today, leaving me with Jeremy all day. I am now exhausted.

Christmas Tree Gandaria City

Jeremy with 2 giant Christmas bears

So a small and quiet Christmas but lots of love and laughter for all and a nice time was had I hope, by everyone. 
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