Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2015 A new Year

Well 2014 has gone. It took with it lots more memories and a whole year of watching Jeremy develop and grow and become a little boy with his own ideas and imagination. It took a lot my sleep as well. It also took with it seeing my mum and auntie in Bali and their reaction to seeing Jeremy for the first time. 2014 was an emotional year. 
But its gone. And in its place a whole year of who knows what will happen. I like that. 

To wave goodbye and say hello to the 2014 and 2015 we went back to the Batavia Apartments for a few nights, so we could enjoy hotel living and enjoy views of the city and have a small vacation away from the house. If we could have gone to Bali or Lombok we would have, but Yovita had to work and the cost for 4 was too much. The housekeeper had also decided to go back to her home town so that put extra pressure and strain on us but it was OK.

The view of the city on a stormy day

The apartment was nice, however we were unable to swim due to the rain and the water was too cold for Jeremy, but he seemed happy enough playing with his toys and watching TV. Yovita had to work so it left me to amuse him all day and that was fun. I got to watch the rain for the day which was fun when you are higher up.

Nice start to the day

Storm clouds gathering


Watching TV in the Apartment

Jeremy decided to wake up at 10pm and fall back to sleep at 11.30pm on NYE so any chance of drinking the new year in faded fast as he was not sleepy and it took both of us to get him back to sleep and then all that was left was to watching the increasingly large amount of fireworks around us light up the sky, wish each other Happy new year, phone my parents and then get to sleep before Jeremy was awake again. 

Getting back home, the usual stuff continues to happen. We went shopping in Carrefour and to my digust the place was empty of everything we needed, which meant we had to go back to another store to shop again. That was annoying. The price of fuel dropped though which made up for it and Shell V power is under 10,000 idr at the moment and thats great news. The water stopped coming out the taps which meant we needed to find a plumber. All the taps it seemed were full of green algae again from where they had not been used and so that all needed sorting out. The price of electricty rose as well and so I get even less for 100k that before, however to make things end on a happy note, our housekeeper came back from her trip which delighted us all. So its not all bad. 

I'm now back at work and settling in again. The early mornings start next week so its long days ahead until May and back to daily fights with the traffic. But its a new year and lots to look forward I sure. 

The view from my school last night. You can see the mountains to the south (honest)

Its a bit late but Happy New Year to you. I hope 2015 is full of laughter, happiness and good health for you all. 

The boy in 2015
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