Friday, 30 January 2015

Car Free Day

My wife has some new trainers for the gym as the old ones fell apart and needed replacing. We bought them on Saturday because she was off to the gym on Monday.

So on the way home from the store I was told that I had to go running with her on Sunday morning. Running and me really don't get on because I am unfit, my hip hurts if I run too long and I don't like running, however I am happy to go walking for as long as possible. Being English I like walking and so I agreed.

Sunday in Jakarta is Car free day, which means that one of the busiest roads through the city from Central Jakarta to South Jakarta is closed to cars from 6am to 11am. The only forms of transport allowed on this road during this time are Transjakarta buses, horse and carts, roller blades, push bikes and feet.

We went to Thamrin which is near the start of it all around 7am and walked down to the fountains outside of Grand Indonesia with hundreds of others. While Yovita when running, I stood and watched everyone go by, getting hassled by people for photos and money and things. Then we wandered off to Mcdonalds for breakfast before walking around again. This time the road was full of people and so we did not go too far.

However the morning was nice as it not too hot (it was 8am when we left), around 25 degrees and the traffic in the streets around was still light and so we headed off to the local supermarket for shopping.

Once home, Jeremy went to play withh is gran and I went back to bed. A good Sunday indeed. I think I am going back this weekend, I dont know or we will go to the stadium and then somewhere else.

Just a few walking and riding when we arrived

Early morning by the roundabout

People were starting to come now

Spot the small bus

They are building underground MRT stations so the roads are narrow

But the bus keeps rolling

Oh yes, I also saw a man dressed as a chicken.

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