Monday, 15 December 2014

Floating Market Sentul

Think Asian Markets, think Floating Asian markets and instantly you create a world of long narrow boats full of fruit all tied  together with men or women in big rice field hats smiling and trying to sell you anything and everything. That exists in real life but in Thailand. This is Indonesia, its just not the same.

Still moving on. Last Sunday EF Puri went to Sentul, a place between Bogor and Jakarta and to its floating market.or Ah Poong Floating Market or Sentul Eco Park but for me it was the Floating Market at Sentul.

Taking the toll from Cilandak and heading south it took us not ime at all to get there and for a change that was good.

The place basically is a restaurant surrounded by water, a river and a small garden with some statues. It is a big 'eat and eat' whereby youy purchase a credit card type card and add money to it and then choose from the vast range of Indonesian foods and drinks and other food goodies; basically like the one in Gandaria City but with natural lighting.

I chose Sop Buntut or Oxtail soup. Which is bits of Ox tail in a clear soup. It is always good and this one was very good. After that some Mango frozen Ice and some other snacks. The eating seemed to go on for a long time and then it was time to explore.

Bouncy bridge over the river

We took a boat trip (5,000 rupiah each) to the weir and back and that was a good 15 minutes spent and then from there a walk through the gardens to see some bizarre unnaturally linked together Statues.

Whatever you think that horse is doing, it is
A transformer and a good one at that

A fat man

For a Sunday lunch activity it was fun and easy to get to and it was nice to see the mountains around Bogor and have the lungs filled with cleaner air. And it is that air which has probably made me sick since!!

Happy days.

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