Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Reading Time

I love reading and whilst I don't read all the time, when I do I find it relaxing and stimulating and takes care of free hours and time to waste. 

I enjoy all sorts of books and will happily switch the TV off and settle down and read for the evening instead. So with a 14 month old child I decided to see what he thought of books. I was given a load of books by my sister in law for Christmas and whilst some are used to entertain the kids at school I use 4 of them to read to Jeremy. 

To my surprise, Jeremy has a total fascination in reading and books. Maybe it is the colours, maybe the pages and maybe the sounds and interaction I have with him but daily I read out loud to him and he sits and watches the book and pages and listens very contently. 

Yes its upside down. He is 1 years old and can't read but he is trying....
With such modern master pieces to read as 'toddle waddle' 'goat goes to playgroup' and 'freddie and the fairy' he is entralled and is clearly learning English,which will help him as he lives in a mainly Indonesian language world.

The books are all fantastically written by Julia Donaldson and despite some ripping up of pages (hastily cellotaped back together again) we are learning about language skills and development andg how to Toddle Waddle!

I will never stop reading to him because the time spent now cultivating an interest and skill in reading will ensure his academic future will be better. 

Oh if you want to send me more books as they are stupid expensive here, please do..... Jeremy would be delighted...

And a link to help explain the benefits of reading to toddlers

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