Monday, 7 July 2014


Been thinking and came up with some lists of firsts. See what you think

Fatherhood  - How did you feel?

  • The first time you saw your child
  • The first time your child saw you and smiled
  • The first time your child held out their hand for yours
  • The first time they waved you goodbye
  • The first time they screamed because you left
  • The first time they ran to you because they were frightened
  • The first time they wanted to share something
  • Their first steps
  • Their first words
  • Their first fall
  • Their first trip to hospital in an emergency
  • Their first scream after banging their head
  • The first time they pointed to something and looked at you for the answer
  • The first time they fell asleep while you held them

General - How do you feel about these?

  • First in a fresh changed bed
  • First into a dry shower 
  • First person to use the new tube of toothpaste
  • First bite of the burger
  • The first slice of pizza
  • The first day of holiday
  • The first coffee of the day
  • The first walk along the sea front
  • The first flight alone
  • Having the first scoop of ice cream from the tub
  • Being first to drive the new car
  • First time being stopped by the police and being let off
  • The first time touching your hair after a hair cut
  • First one in the pool
And of course

The first beer after a long day....

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