Friday, 25 July 2014

Being Busy

The kids are sick, the wife is sick. Everyone is coughing. Everyone is wearing masks covering up their mouths. I am not sick. I am tired. Jeremy has nappy rash, a runny nose, diarrhoea and is teething. Jeremy has lost 600g in weight in a couple of weeks. He is eating and drinking normally. Running around, screaming, laughing, dribbling throwing stuff about as normal so you would not really know there was anything wrong.

The past couple of weeks has seen Jeremy awake by 6am and then me as normal playing with him and feeding ( I am getting better at this now, as he actually eats with me), washing and reading to him until 9.30am when I take him to his grans for the day. Then off to work for me and after work, cooking maybe the washing and then sleep. Yovita is the same. She leaves at 6.30am and is home by 6 and then looks after Jeremy until he is sleeping then irons into the night.

Full on parenting with no rest.

However, the rewards are huge. Jeremy likes to have stories read to him and now that he can run, walk and also grab things from tops of cupboards etc is doing all of that. With his stomach bugs and rashes we have removed the nappies so that means he makes even more mess!!!

We took him to the local doctor to have him looked at. He was good as gold before going in and then screamed the place down until the examination was finished. Then with a little bit of milk was full of happy again. Then after his bath, I dropped the baby baby and it split leaving a big hole in it. I don't need to be buying a new baby bath at the moment and so I am putting him in a bucket which is huge and he is being bathed in that. It might sound a little backward but he is loving it, He in no danger and he is getting very clean!

I am now a master of washing poo out of clothing, wiping wee off of floors and walls and also myself and I am learning when he does things that they mean 'its poo time' so thats all good.

To make life a little harder, yesterday while trying to get water out of the kitchen tap, it somehow became loose from the pipe, causing water to shoot up the opposite wall, over me, the floor everything. Jeremy was watching and found it funny. The water was a delightful browny red clear type of water. So what with liquid poo from Jeremy, dirty clothes and keeping him busy, I had to clean the entire kitchen area which took over 2 hours. Happily for me, Yovita encouraged a neighbour to come round and fix the tap and so it was replaced and I have running water in the kitchen again.

None of the above is me complaining just retelling what is happening. When Jeremy is older he will read this and know that he was well looked after and kept mum and dad busy. Happily, next week is a weeks holiday where we can spend out r time with the kids both at home and in a hotel enjoying time with them which is hard to come by.

I unlike many others will not be leaving the city at the end of Ramadan because its easier, quieter and nicer to stay home when 4 million people from Jakarta leave it.

Oh and the my boss gave us all a cupcake the other day. Which was nice.

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