Monday, 14 July 2014

A Typical Weekend

I have just had the weekend off and spent 2 whole days away from woork, which does not happen too often and it was fun in many ways. I was kept surprisingly busy with shopping, Jeremy, sorting the house and my annual visit to the Licencing center at Dann Mogot to renew my SIM C or licence which allows me 'freely' and 'legally' to ride a motorbike here.

As ususal I used an agent. We were there at 8.20am on Saturday morning, taken very kindly by my brother in law. Jeremy seemed in awe of the place and was quiet but still enjoyed walking about. By 9am we had finished. It took less than 10 minutes and I am now the proud owner of a new SIM and that will not need to be renewed until July next year.

A quiet start in Starbucks. 
From there we all headed to Starbucks for breakfast and then went home. Yovita went off shopping and so I spent most of the morning playing with Jeremy. In fact I spent the rest of the day playing or reading and then by the time it was bed time for Jeremy he passed out and so it was TV and beer time.

He likes reading

Sunday morning mainly revolves around shopping early and then breakfast before getting home to do housework and laundry before lazing around for the rest of the day.
So waiting outside Plaza Semanggi just before 10am seems a normal thing to do and then a quick shop around the Giant for shopping Coffee and food afterward is always the norm and then back home.

The weather on Sunday was cool and cloudy and turned to more rain like Saturday and it was almost England when you looked at the clouds in the sky, over cast and grey and even felt cool all afternoon.

Some of his toys

He likes his Minion

Cleaning the house is never exciting but reading to Jeremy and watching him walk, run and explore is. Mind, chasing after him, preventing him from opening cupboards, falling over, hitting head etc is more of a challenge but one that is one of those day to day things now.

Getting him to sleep is also a challenge when he has been active all day because he is still far too excited to sleep and he will only sleep after milk and a lot yawning and then when he sleeps, he sleeps.
Thats it. Nothing else was done all weekend and most weekends when I am working in the morning. Jeremy consumes my time and my energy and so that is all I am doing at the moment.

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