Monday, 23 June 2014

Going to Church

I have had to, over the last couple of weeks attend Church so Belvan can join the Catholic faith through holy communion. Not being Catholic or really any where near the word as a practising Christian the thought of spending 2 whole Sundays with god fearing folk should have stressed me out. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the most of the events but not all.
To accept communion in the Catholic church from the church I had to attend Santo Fransiskus at Tebet (which is off the beaten track a little and is part of a big school which I guess it Catholic).  My role in the Communion was to accompany Belvan to the alter and also have communion but since I don't that, I just had to stand and be polite.
So last Sunday we rolled up at the church for around 8am where we had to sit and be talked at for 3.5 hours by someone explaining the roles of the church and the family in this but I can't be sure. It was not that exciting and despite the Paster randomly breaking into song and being fed it did drag. The highlight before the service was when the Laptop containing the presentation decided to stop working.
Once I had been lectured enough, the church laid on lunch which was nice and then we had to attend the midday service. I am used to Church services and the best thing here is that you can read along to what is being said. And to be an observer to a service was very interesting as I have never seen a normal Sunday service. There were alter girls and some women who led some of the service which was modern. Lots of singing and prayers and the choir was pretty good.
The church itself was an odd shape almost the shape of a diamond and when the AC was on it was cool.
The service lasted around an hour and a quarter and then we had to sit about for the rehearsal for the children communion the following week.
There were about 50 children who were to recieve communion and so we were pushed about and told where to sit and stand etc and finally at 4pm!!!! we could go home.

Yesterday was the big day for Belvan. Up early and at church by 8am in black trousers and a white shirt we had to wear a flower pose on the left of the shirt and have a lot of photos taken.
By 9.30 the service had begun and the small church was full with people outside to watch. Many family and friends I guess. Jeremy was there with his Aunt Uncle and Gran but happily he fell asleep and slept in the car while most of it was going on.
I had to sit with Yovita in a my designated spot and listen to prayers and readings and watch the kids walk up and down holding candles. It was very interesting and well done. Then at the correct time, I had to join Belvan and go take commumion, rather he did, and the go back to my seat.
This took about 2 hours and after we had our free lunch and gifts for Belvan we hot footed it out of there.

The best thing about the service apart from the actual pomp and ceremony was the choit. I forgot how good a church choir could be and they were really good. Well they were excellent through out except when it came to 'All things bright and beautiful' which was not sang with gusto and the fun that I remember rather it was more 'lounge' style and very chilled. I did not like that.

Will I be back ? Well probably but not for me, I am not really 'into' all that but to support and enjoy the spectacle, thats OK but why oh why is it so so early.....?

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